Turn your old phone into a

  1. Price Your Device
  2. Receive QR Code
  3. Bring Your Phone to Any One of 5,000 Locations for Final inspection
  4. Get Paid in Minutes After Receiving Your Final Receipt from The UPS Store

* You will get paid upon turning in your phone when you visit in-person at the drop-off location


Complete Our Online Questionnaire
and Receive Your QR Code


Prep Your Old
Phone With Our Easy Instructions


Visit The UPS Store
nearest you to Trade In Your Device


We pay you cash via PayPal or Walmart Cash Pickup


Find A Location

We've teamed up with The UPS Store to provide you with a safe and easy way to trade in your phone. Once you have priced your device and have received a QR code, we'll help you find the location nearest you.  Get started now!

Help Us Save The Planet By Planting A Tree For Every Phone Purchased

We’re reaching for a greener planet with less machines and more incentivized humans.

That’s why we have teamed up with The UPS Store to provide a phone trade-in solution that pays users up to 30% more for their mobile devices than any other available program. Best of all? Customers receive cash on the spot via PayPal or Walmart Cash Pickup at any The UPS Store location. The process is simple, and customers can feel great knowing their phone was properly recycled and they contributed to a healthier planet while making money.  Let's plant some trees!