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10 Solutions To An iPhone That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Nov 23, 2022 •

No matter what you try, if your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi, it can be a real problem. What could the issue possibly be? You’ll burn up more data if you use your phone without going through a Wi-Fi connection. You might not care if you have unlimited data, but a Wi-Fi connection is still the best bet. A lot of frustration can be experienced if the Wi-Fi you’re trying to use and your phone won’t connect, however. Before you ditch the current phone for a new one, you might want to try a little troubleshooting. The following information should prove helpful.

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Location Settings

Location access is usually required for a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tab Location Services then System Services.
  • Look for Networking and Wireless, and tap it.

Wi-Fi Assistant

  • From Settings find Cellular and tap it.
  • Then, find Wi-Fi Assistant and choose the “off” setting.


From Settings, find VPN and tap it to the “off” position.

iPhone Restart

Much like with your computer, sometimes just turning your phone off and turning it back on again resolves a problem. Once the phone is off, wait a few minutes, and then fire it back up again. Try connecting the Wi-Fi network through the Settings page.

iPhone Update

  • From the Settings page, find General, and tap it.
  • Choose Software Updates.
  • To load the updates, you’ll install IOS updates by choosing “Download IOS Updates” from the menu for Automatic Updates.

Erase Remembered Wi-Fi

  • From the Settings page, find Wi-Fi and tap it.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi connection stored/remembered, you can erase it and start fresh. Find the Wi-Fi connection you want to erase. Tap Forget. (You will be prompted to verify this step.)
  • Once you’ve “forgotten” the Wi-Fi, you can set up a new Wi-Fi connection.

Network Settings Reset

  • From the Settings page, find General and select it.
  • Find Reset iPhone or Transfer, then tap Reset.
  • Find Reset Network Settings, and tap it. (You may be asked for your passcode.)
  • Confirm Reset Network Settings, and a restart will occur.

Airplane and Bluetooth

For both Airplane Mode and Bluetooth, you want to be in the “off” setting. You may not be able to connect to Wi-Fi if your phone is in airplane mode. This can be done from the Settings page. Make sure both of them are off before trying to connect to Wi-Fi again.

Is Your Wi-Fi Router Working?

This may seem obvious, but sometimes the obvious answer is the correct one. It’s a bit like checking to see if there is gas in your car when it won’t start.

Make sure the router for your Wi-Fi is functional. Try connecting another device if you can’t decide what the lights on your router mean. Will your laptop connect? Another iPhone? You may need to restart the router to make sure it’s up and running correctly.

Wi-Fi Off/On

From the Settings page, find the setting for Wi-Fi. Try turning it “off” if it is in the “on” position. Leave it that way for a few minutes and then turn it back on. Try the Wi-Fi connection.

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