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14 Good Reasons To Switch From iPhone To Android

Nov 26, 2022 •

Do you currently use an iPhone? If you’re considering the purchase of a new phone, are you going to stick with iPhones or would you switch to an Android phone? What if you had 14 good reasons?

You may find the hardware features and software available on Android phones advantageous over what your iPhone has to offer. The following will provide some reasons why you might want to switch from iPhone to Android. After switching from iPhone to Andriod, you can sell your old phone online to earn some cash!

File Management

You will not find a centralized file system on an iOS phone. That makes for cumbersome file management. For direct access to files, increased functionality, and convenience, go with Android.


Compared to iOS, Android has more customizable options. For example, you can place your apps anywhere on the app grid.


This is an exclusive Android (Samsung) security feature not available elsewhere.

Full Support for USB OTG

You can plug all sorts of things into your phone when you have an Android including USB fans, ethernet adapters, USB controllers, printers, microphones, WebCams, keyboards, and more.


Without having to actually grab your phone and look at it, you can be alerted to a notification.

Active Cooling

Some tasks are more demanding than others, causing phones to heat up. To prevent your phone from overheating during these times, Androids have active cooling.

FM Radio

You can still listen to FM radio on some Androids.

Optical and Digital Zoom Are Higher Than IOS

This is relatively self-explanatory. As an example, however, compared to the 5X digital zoom and the 3X optical zoom on an iPhone, you could get 100X digital zoom and 10X optical zoom on a Galaxy S21.

Displays Have a High Refresh Rate

You’ll enjoy a smoother feel while using today’s Androids. The display refreshes more times per second.

Reverse Wireless Charging

By placing someone else’s device on the back of your Android phone, you can offer that device a charge (provided it is capable of wireless charging). This is highly useful as long as the owner of the other device is not in a hurry to charge.

USB Type C

As opposed to the lightning port on iPhones, a USB-type C port is used for most of today’s Androids. That means greater power delivery, faster data transfer, and more.

Expandable Storage

To add extra device storage, there is a micro SD card slot in some Android phones. So as not to fill up your internal storage, you can put things on a micro SD card instead.

More Features for Androids

the following features are offered on Androids and not available on iOS:

  • Developer options
  • you can add shortcuts to files on your home screen
  • you can send files via Bluetooth
  • Two-hour grace period
  • You can pin apps to a share sheet
  • Live captions
  • Notifications
  • Multiuser accounts
  • Chat heads
  • Split screen

More Diverse App Selections

There are several unique app/apps subgenres for Android that are not available on iOS:

  • Touch protector
  • Auto clickers
  • Muviz
  • Sound ire
  • Hermit lite apps
  • Rotation control pro
  • Hide screen
  • Apk extractors
  • Servers ultimate
  • Floating apps
  • Emulators
  • Universal copy
  • App cloners

When It’s Time for a New Phone, Will You Switch to Android?

Regardless of whether you choose to switch from an iPhone to Android, from Android to iPhone, or stick with the brand you’re currently familiar with, once the switch has been made, why not turn your old phone into a source of income? You can sell your old phone easily and quickly on the Internet. Learn how to sell your old phone online.

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