Back to School Tech Gifts

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The back-to-school period is a time to restock on school supplies, and that increasingly involves getting new tech gear. Today’s students can’t succeed without the computers, tablets, and phones that are needed for socialization, staying connected, and school work. If you’re sending a child back to school, here are some of the best tech gifts…

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Earning Extra Cash with MLG Cash is Simple as 1-2-3

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Do you have an old phone or tablet that’s no longer being used? Several? Turning that device into cash is simple with MLG Cash. It’s so easy that you could complete the process this hour and get paid. The hardest part may be actually locating your phone. 1. Get a Quote for Your Old Device…

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What To Do With Your Old and Unused Cellphones

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Old and unused cellphones are largely considered waste. They’re clutter around the house but can’t go in standard garbage or recycling because of electronic components. If you have old phones lying around (and almost everyone does), those phones can be easily turned into cash. How to Turn Your Old Phone Into Cash The premise of…

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