How To Properly Back Up Your Phone Before Selling

While working on laptop man doing cloud uploading on his smartphone at outdoor cafe

Backing up your phone’s data should be the first thing you do before selling the phone. You’ll also need to wipe the phone of all data, but everything will be lost if you don’t first backup photos, chats, contacts, apps, and other data. Don’t get caught up too much in the cash you’ll get for…

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Everything You Need to Know About IOS 15

Apple iPhone during iOS update

Apple recently released the latest iPhone (and iPad) operating system. IOS 15 is available now for all iPhones made in the past few years, and it brings several notable upgrades to many of these supported models. A few iPhone models won’t support the most robust iOS 15 upgrades, though. If you have an iPhone, here’s…

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How MLG Cash Can Help You Get Extra Money for a New iPhone 13

iphone cash trade in

The all-new Apple iPhone 13 provides access to a host of new improvements that make even owners of last year’s iPhone 12 consider upgrading. ProMotion makes the user interface smoother, the A15 chip is much faster, the battery lasts much longer, and a telephoto lens lets you take close-up pictures without actually getting any closer.…

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Things to Consider When Buying a New iPhone

Close up side view of pretty happy excited hipster young love couple testing new smart gadgets in a tech store.

Buying a new iPhone presents you with multiple models to choose from, and which one you should get isn’t a small decision. Your phone will be a nearly constant companion for some time, as you use it to call, text, check the weather, get directions, work, play games, and do just about everything else. The…

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