How To Safely Sell Your Android Phone Online

Safely Sell Android Phone Online

The cash that comes from selling an Android phone is nice to have, but there can be risks involved when you surrender something with so much personal data. If you have an unwanted Android, here’s how to safely sell it without compromising your information. Step 1: Clear Your Android Phone of All Personal Data First…

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3 Tips for Safely Selling Your iPhone Online

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Selling your iPhone online can get you a fair value for the phone and can be convenient. You don’t want to sell to just any website, though. If you have an unused iPhone and want to sell it online, here are three tips to do so safely. 1. Sell to an Established Phone Buyer Choose…

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How To Keep Your Personal Information Safe When Selling Your Phone


When selling an old iPhone, keeping your personal information safe is of the utmost importance — even more important than the value of your phone. You don’t want a stranger perusing through family photographs, and a nefarious buyer could wreak much more devastating financial havoc. Thankfully, the steps necessary to keep your personal information secure…

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