Things To Consider When Buying A New Samsung Phone

Buying new samsung cell phone

Samsung Galaxy smartphones come in several different series, each of which offers its own advantages. If you’re buying a new Samsung phone, here are some considerations that’ll help guide you through the various Galaxy series. Processor: High-End and Recent Models Are Best The processor acts as your phone’s operational headquarters, managing all of the tasks…

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2021 Black Friday Tech Guide

Black Friday cell phone sale

Black Friday is the best time of year, and tech is where you’ll find some of the weekend’s best deals. If you’re in search of a new phone or accessory, here are the best Black Friday deals on iPhones, Galaxys, earbuds and more. Free IPhone 12 Mini From Verizon Verizon is offering the most affordable…

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When is the Best Time to Sell My Used Cellphone

Best time to sell used cell phone

How much you’ll receive for selling a used cellphone is partially determined when you sell the phone. To get the best overall deal, you’ll have to consider your need for funds and the phone series release schedule. Here’s a look at four of the best times to sell used cellphones, depending on your specific needs.…

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How to Earn Extra Cash for Christmas Shopping

Earn extra money for holiday shopping

The holiday season is a time when almost everyone could use a little extra cash for shopping. Whether you’re in search of the perfect big-ticket deal or want to give lots of gifts, here are some ways to earn extra cash for Christmas shopping. 1. Sell Your Old iPhones and Android Phones Online If you…

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