Most Popular Cell Phones for 2022

Popular Cell Phones 2022

The past year has seen debuts of some great cell phones, such as the iPhone 13 series, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and the OnePlus 9 Pro. The coming year promises to continue this trend of great new smartphones, improving all of the aforementioned and including a few other notable new models. IPhone 14 Max…

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How to Know Which iPhone 13 Model is Right for You

How to Know Which IPhone 13 Model is Right for You

The latest iPhones were released in September, and the multiple iPhone 13 models offer everything from budget picks to world-class cameras. Here’s a guide to which iPhone 13 is right for you. Most Affordable: IPhone 13 Mini The iPhone 13 Mini starts at $699, representing one of the best values among new smartphones. Budget Android…

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What Happens to Cell Phones That Are Not Properly Recycled?

Cell phone recycling

Smartphones and other electronics contain many chemicals that are harmful to the environment if the devices aren’t properly disposed of. Here’s what happens if you fail to properly recycle an old cell phone. A Massive Global Impact The impact that not properly recycling smartphones has can hardly be understated. Estimates place the number of old…

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How To Save Money On A New iPhone By Selling Your Old One

Saving money on a new phone

Savvy consumers know that iPhone savings can usually be found by searching for sales, agreeing to wireless contracts, and/or finding a refurbished unit. In addition to these, selling your old iPhone is another effective way to reduce the cost of a new one. Selling your old phone won’t reduce the actual price of a new…

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