How Much is My Old iPhone Worth?

used cell phone value

Many old smartphones still have financial value, and iPhones have some of the best retention rates. An old iPhone could be worth quite a significant amount. Find out exactly how much. Factors That Affect iPhone Values While many factors can have minor effects on an old iPhone’s value, the worth of a phone is primarily…

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Why It’s Better to Sell Your Old Phone With MLG Cash

Easily Selling Your Old Phone

Many old phones can be traded-in or sold, and there are multiple ways to do so. Of the various options, selling your old phone with MLG Cash offers a combination of cash and convenience that other methods don’t match. Get the Best Price for Your Old Phone We at MLG Cash are well-positioned to buy…

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What Happens When Cell Phones Are Not Properly Recycled?

Proper cell phone recycling

Cell phones are made from components that don’t break down easily (or at all) and can contaminate the surrounding environment if phones aren’t properly disposed of. Here’s what can happen when a cell phone isn’t recycled. Unrecycled Phones End Up in Landfills When cell phones aren’t recycled, they usually end up in landfills or other…

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What to Know About the Samsung S22

new Samsung Cell Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will officially debut on February 9, but much about the phone is already known, leaked, or rumored. Here’s what to expect when the Samsung S22 is shown for the first time. Official Release Date (Known) Samsung will officially showcase the Galaxy S22 at the company’s Galaxy Unpacked Event. The event is…

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