Where Can I Sell My iPhone Near Me?

sell my phone for cash near me

You shouldn’t have to travel far in order to sell an iPhone. We at MLG Cash have made it so that you likely already live near a location where you can drop it off. Sell Your iPhone at The UPS Store Your local UPS Store won’t actually purchase your iPhone, but they’ll accept it on…

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Everything You Need to Know About iOS 15

ios 15 release updates

Apple released iOS 15 on June 7, 2021, and the updates continues to roll out. Whether you’ve been using the update since June last year or will have access to it imminently, there are undoubtedly still new things to discover. Here’s everything you should know about iOS 15. Compatible iPhone Models Most Apple iPhones that…

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Android vs. iPhone: Which is Right for You

android vs iphone

The most fundamental decision about a smartphone continues to be whether you should purchase an Android phone or an iPhone. Both options have lots to offer, but they each cater to different needs and preferences. Here’s how to determine which one is best suited for your priorities. You’re on a Budget: Android If cost is…

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How To Get Paid for Your Old Cell Phone

Cellphone trade in

Many old cell phones can be sold, and you could be paid a nice sum for selling your old phone. At MLG Cash, we have streamlined the process from getting an initial quote to finally getting paid. Here’s how to sell your old phone and get paid on the same day. 1. Get a Quote…

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