Top 10 Cell Phones to Consider Buying

comparing cell phones

If you’re in the market for a new cell phone, there are many good options regardless of whether you’re in the Apple or Android ecosystem. Here are some of the best new cell phones, and how we at MLG Cash could help you pay for one by selling your current cell phone. Apple iPhone 13…

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Product Update – Leaked iPhone 14 Information

iphone 14 leaked

The iPhone 14 has an expected release this coming September, but much is already known about the phone, thanks to some informative leaks. Here’s what the leaks have shown thus far. New Max, No Mini The iPhone 14 lineup will almost certainly feature four different models, per both a January price leak and an April…

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Can I Fix My iPhone Myself?

cell phone repair

Apple recently launched a new Self Service Repair Store, and iPhone owners can now service their phones themselves. You indeed may now be able to fix your iPhone without paying someone at the Genius bar — but some financial details should be considered before you attempt to. What is the Self Service Repair Store? The Self…

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How To Sell Your Phone for Cash Today


Have an unwanted or unneeded phone? The phone is likely worth something, and you could turn that something into money in your wallet (or account). Here’s how to sell your Android or iPhone for cash today — at MLG Cash, we make the selling process quick, easy, and profitable. Know Your Phone’s Model and Condition…

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Why Is My Phone Charging Slowly

phone charging slowly

Phone batteries are known for sometimes having a variety of issues, of which slow charging is a fairly common one. If your phone is taking longer to reach 100% charge, there may be a few issues causing the slowdown. Low Power Supply The most obvious cause of slow charging is a low power supply. Your…

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