Just How Far Has the iPhone Come?

History of iPhone

The iPhone was revolutionary when first released, and it continues to evolve each year as Apple releases innovations and updates. Here’s a look back at some of the early models and their more notable new features. The device remains true to the foundation that Steve Jobs laid, but it’s also come a long, long way.…

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Top 5G Enabled Cell Phones to Buy

Best 5G cell phones

5G connectivity expands cell phones’ capabilities in the home and outside of it, and the connectivity is now available on all major carriers. If you want to communicate via the latest wireless technology, here are some of the best cell phones that have 5G. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max…

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What Options Do I Have for Foldable Cell Phones?

foldable smartphone

Recent screen technological advancements have given rise to an increasing number of foldable cell phones. While foldable phones still account for a minority of models, there are now several options to choose from if this is a prioritized feature for you. Here are some of the best foldable cell phones. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3…

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