Where to Instantly Sell Your Phone Online for Cash

Instant payment for old phones

Selling your phone online will often get you the best price for the phone, and the process doesn’t have to take long. At MLG Cash, we can help you instantly sell your phone online for cash. What to Expect When “Instantly” Selling Your Phone Before deciding where to sell your phone online, first check how…

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How to Properly Recycle Your iPhone with MLG Cash

recycling cell phones

When you recycle your iPhone with us at MLG Cash, we promise to responsibly handle the device so that it causes no environmental harm. Here’s how you can properly recycle your phone with us. The Environmental Impact of Old Cell Phones The environmental impact of old cell phones can’t be understated, especially considering there are…

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New Features to Look Out for in the All-New iOS 16

New Apple iOS

Apple recently debuted the all-new iOS 16 operating system, and there’s plenty about it to love. Here are some of the most exciting new features that Apple showed off. Customizable Lock Screen The lock screen isn’t a heavily used app, but it’s the screen that you see most often. Whenever you pick up your iPhone,…

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3 New Releases From the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is always a mid-year highlight, as Apple debuts some of the newest features and devices that will soon be available to consumers. While there are numerous updates and innovations each year, a few always stand out. Here are three new releases from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 that…

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