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3 Best Places To Sell Your Broken Phone For Cash

Nov 7, 2022 •

Just because it’s broken, doesn’t mean it’s not worth anything. Broken phones can be worth a lot of money as they can either be repaired or salvaged for reusable parts. If your phone is broken due to water damage, battery damage, a cracked screen, or something else, you don’t have to throw it away. You can still sell it for cash. Are you trying to find the best place to sell your broken phone? Continue reading to find out the best places to sell your broken phone for cash.

Local Stores

There are many local stores like Best Buy and Target that allows people to trade in broken phones. For example, Target pays $46 for an iPhone XS that does not power on, while Best Buy pays $75 for an iPhone XS with a cracked screen. You can also try your luck at cell phone repair shops. Some of these shops accept broken phones in return for store credit or cash. You can google the websites of phone repair shops in your area to see if they offer trade-ins.

Classified Sites and Online Market Places

Classified sites such as Facebook Marketplace and Craiglist are very popular spots for selling used items, including broken electronics. You can search your phone model to see the prices other sellers are setting their used phones at and either match the prices or set slightly lower prices. Slightly lower prices help boost your listing when users sort by lowest price, ensuring that your listing has a higher chance of getting sold. You’ll have to meet the buyer in person for the sale or you will have to ship your broken phone over. Be careful to look out for potential scams as the buyer might back out last minute or claim that they’ve never received the item.

Trade-In and Tech Resale Websites

There are online websites that buy old electronics, from iPads to laptops to phones. For example, Gizmodo pays for old electronics, including old phones. However, not all of these websites accept broken phones depending on the severity of the damage. Be sure to read up on their guidelines so you’re aware of what they accept.

Another issue to be careful of is to make sure to only deal with trustworthy sites. You can check if a site is trustworthy through online reviews and customer testimonials. Otherwise, you risk getting scammed.

Sell Your Broken Phone at MLG Cash

MLG Cash offers up to 30% more cash than any other program for old phones. We are partnered with the UPS Store, allowing you to turn in your phone at any of the 5,000 UPS locations in the country. Each broken device we receive is recycled properly to reduce environmental pollution and recycle precious metals in your phone. By recycling, we reduce the amount of electronic waste created per year.

It is incredibly easy to sell your broken phone at MLG Cash. You can read about how to sell your broken phone on our website and receive your payment quickly. Price your device now!