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3 Ways To Recycle Your Old Samsung Phones

Nov 14, 2022 •

Do you know what you should do with your old phones? You might be thinking of just tossing them in the trash, but you shouldn’t. Millions of smartphones end up in landfills as electronic waste even though they can be put to better use. This might not be well known, but it’s actually possible to recycle old cell phones, much like the way we recycle used cans and bottles. You can also donate it, trade it, or sell it. Continue reading to learn 3 ways to recycle your old Samsung phone to maximize its usage.

Why We Should Recycle Our Phones

Before we look into the ways to recycle our phones, let’s take a closer like at why we should be doing so. Recycling cell phones allows valuable metals like silver, copper, gold, and palladium to be reused, and reduce fossil fuels. It will also reduce the size of our increasingly crowded landfills. By recycling our electronics, we help to create a more sustainable future. Now let’s look at the ways to recycle our old Samsung phones.

Trade it in

There are many cellphone carriers that offer take-back programs. Take-back programs allow you to trade in your phone for a newer model, usually at a sizeable discount. For example, Verizon and T-Mobile are some of the major carriers that offer take-back programs to improve environmental sustainability. Other well-known manufacturers include Samsung and Apple, while stores like Staples and Best Buy also offer phone trade-ins.

You can make a call to your cellphone carrier and check if they offer such programs. Otherwise, you can also search for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a list of cellphone carriers, stores, and manufacturers that will take in old phones and recycle them. Some of these places also offer other types of trade-ins, such as for old earphones, chargers, and other accessories.

Look for a Drop-off Site

At times, older phone models are not accepted by take-back programs. If so, looking for a drop-off site is a good alternative to getting rid of your old phone. There are many third-party companies that will purchase your old phones and other types of electronics, especially if your electronics are well-maintained and reusable. By recycling and reusing old electronics, you will be able to help reuse valuable resources and reduce toxic materials from landfills.

Donate it

Another good alternative to recycling your old phone is to donate it, especially if it’s in good working condition. There are many people who cannot afford the newest phones but require or want a phone. Recycling through donating can improve someone’s life. You can donate to local communities, shelters, and other organizations.

Why Recycle Your Old Samsung Phone with MLG Cash?

It is incredibly easy to recycle old Samsung phones with MLG Cash. All you need to do is complete our Price Your Device Questionnaire and follow the instructions. Afterward, visit a nearby UPS store for a final inspection and you’ll receive a payment offer. After the transaction is done, MLG will recycle your phone and help to create a greener, more sustainable planet. It’s that simple! Read more on how to sell your old phone online at our website.