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4 Things You Can Do With Your Dead iPhone

Nov 17, 2022 •

Whether you have an iPhone and you are planning on switching to Android – or you’re staying with your beloved brand – the question of what to do with your dead iPhone remains. Do you even have to worry about what to do with an iPhone that’s malfunctioning if, indeed, it can be fixed?

Here, we’ll look at just a handful of options to consider if your iPhone is on its last leg or has already rolled over and died.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

It may surprise you to find out that there are places that buy dead phones. It’s true! You can actually sell your old phone online, and then turn it in for funds. After we show you a few more options for dealing with an iPhone that no longer works, we’ll tell you the best place to sell your used-up iPhone and receive money for it.

Remember that when it’s time to unload your dead phone, it’s important to transfer the existing information in your old phone to your new one. Then you should wipe the old phone clean. All of this is, of course, provided you can turn on your old phone.


To dispose of your iPhone properly, don’t just throw it away. Help save the environment by recycling it. That way, dangerous e-waste – chemicals – won’t leach into the air, soil, and water. Nationwide, there are recycling centers that cater to those wanting to get rid of their old phones. In fact, the service we’ll introduce you to at the end of this piece does exactly that.


Your old iPhone may be put to good use by a charity that accepts old used cell phones as donations. As an example, broken phones are recycled and the proceeds are used by an organization referred to as Cell Phones for Soldiers. Free emergency phones and communication services are offered by this organization for veterans and active-duty military members.

Get a receipt for your iPhone’s value so that, during tax season, you can use it as a write-off. iPhone donations may be considered tax-deductible, but check with a tax professional to make sure.

Repair Service

The repairs on your iPhone may actually cost you nothing or next to nothing if it is under warranty or you have insurance on your phone. Before you start thinking about discarding that phone, check these options. A deductible may need to be paid if the repair is covered under your insurance, but that would still cost less than a new phone.

Here’s the Best Thing to Do with Your Dead iPhone

What can you do with a dead iPhone? In two words: Sell it!

Everyone could use a little bit of extra cash these days. Why not start the process of selling your iPhone over the Internet, and then turn it in for some extra funds? Wondering how to sell your old phone online?

Contact MLG Cash. After you complete our online questionnaire, we’ll give you a QR code. Follow the easy instructions to get your phone cleared. Bring your device to the closest UPS store, and you’re all set. You’ll soon receive your payment in your PayPal account or Walmart Cash Pickup.