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5 Best Places To Sell Your iPhone 12 For The Most Profit

Mar 8, 2023 •

With newer iPhone models hitting Apple stores everywhere, it’s wise to sell your iPhone 12 and get the most profit. Aside from eyeing the latest model, maybe you’re opting to get a new phone with better storage and battery life. Or perhaps you just really want to dispose of your old iPhone. Whatever the reason is, you need a place to sell your iPhone 12. There are many places that you can sell it to but you must know the best ones. In this blog post, we’ve compiled the 5 best places online where you can sell iPhone 12 and get the most profit out of it.

Get the Max Profit from MLG Cash

Of course, we’ll give you the best option first. You get 30% more profit in MLG Cash than in any other place if you sell your iPhone 12 with us. Conveniently, we have partnered up with the UPS store so you can drop off your device easily. We are also committed to properly recycling electronics and our team will also plant a tree for every device we’ve purchased.

Organize a Private Sale

Through the power of negotiations, selling your iPhone 12 directly to a buyer can potentially get you a high profit. Carefully advertise your device on online platforms such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and attract potential buyers. Although this method may require more time and effort, you have more control over the process.

Head on to Swappa

This platform specializes in both buying and selling second-hand phones. However, Swappa has a strict listing policy and you would have to undergo an approval process. This is because only devices that are in good condition can be sold. But Swappa has a team of experts that verifies sellers and customers which will prevent any type of fraud.

Sell with Gazelle

Another platform that buys and sells used devices. They’ve been around since 2006 and have been a trusted and reliable website for you to sell your iPhone 12. All you have to do is get an offer, they’ll inspect your phone, and get paid fast.

Go to the Apple Store and Trade-in

Last but not the least, let us give you the most classic way—trading in with Apple. If you are really in need of fast cash from your iPhone 12, head directly to apple and trade-in. They calculate the value based on the condition of your device. However, this might be the option that will pay you the least but gives you guaranteed cash.

With Apple releasing newer models at a fast pace, you may want to keep up and get the newest features that they offer. Or, if you’re just really looking to sell your iPhone 12, the places above are your best bet. It’s important for you to choose a reliable and trustworthy platform that offers you the best price. Whether you sell it privately or offer it up at Swappa and Gazelle, the choice is yours depending on what you need and want. Moreover, learn how selling iPhones online work at MLG Cash, and be sure to contact us for any inquiries.