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5 Simple Steps To Declutter Digital Life

Jun 10, 2023 •

Like your physical surroundings, your digital space plays a vital role in your mental health, ability to focus, creativity and productivity. Old files, tons of unchecked emails, disorganized photos, unused files- all these clutter up your digital space, making it overwhelming and unmanageable. An uncluttered digital space, on the other hand, has several benefits, creating a stress-free work environment and making you feel relaxed, energized, and confident as you work. If you don’t know how to declutter your digital life, you need not worry! Here are five simple steps to declutter your digital life.

Assess Your Digital Environment

The first and most important thing you must do is take stock of your digital space. You need to know what’s occupying your digital environment. The more you understand your digital life, the faster and more effective the decluttering process will be! You can ask yourself these important questions;

  • What are your most used and least used apps?
  • Which apps do you find helpful, and which ones distract you?
  •  Are all your devices equally decluttered? If not, which is more organized?
  • How much time do you spend surfing through your devices?

Be sincere with yourself about what aspects of your digital life are beneficial for you and what parts you can or should let go of.

Name, File, and Back up

In the spirit of decluttering, you might feel the need to delete whatever you don’t find important at that moment. While it is unhealthy to be a digital hoarder, you can never tell when you might need those deleted documents. So, before you delete anything important, name, file, and back them up. You can use a cloud-based backup or your computer hard drive to store files of important documents, including contracts, treasured photos, financial documents, or receipts.

Organize Your Apps

If your digital space feels decluttered, you likely have unused or distracting apps on your device. Organizing your apps might be challenging as you may have some apps you use so often but are distracting. You can either choose to set boundaries with distracting apps by creating time limits and healthy digital habits or deleting them.

Sort Out Your Emails

Tons of unopened emails can quickly make your digital environment overwhelming. To sort out your emails, first, arrange important ones into folders. Think senders, work documents, receipts, and anything you reference often. Keeping all emails sorted and filed away allows you to understand your inbox better, archive several emails from a singular file at once, notice important mail, and bulk delete junk mail in one go.

Also, unsubscribe from receiving certain emails if you last opened them a long time ago, as they also add to the clutter.

Personalize Your Digital Environment

After a successful declutter, you can spruce things up and personalize your new space. This can mean rearranging apps, using inspirational wallpapers, renaming your app folders, or turning off unnecessary notifications. Do whatever helps you personalize your digital environment and make it feel calming.

Decluttering with MLG Cash

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