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5 Steps to Making More Money When Trading in Your Old iPhone

Jun 22, 2022 •

Old iPhones can be worth decent amounts, and you undoubtedly want to maximize any amount you get if trading in an iPhone. Follow these five steps, and you’ll likely be able to get more money for your old iPhone than you otherwise would.

1. Sell Your Old iPhone for Cash

You can turn your old iPhone in for either credit or cash, and the latter is highly preferable to the former.

When stores and carriers offer credit for trading in an old iPhone, you’re restricted to whatever deals and discounts they have available. Sometimes, the deals may not offer maximum value for your old phone. Stores also may restrict the discount to new phones with high prices, which could force you to spend more than you otherwise would despite trading in your phone.

When you sell an iPhone for cash, you’re free to spend the received money anywhere you want. You can still use it to partially pay for a new phone. You’re able to compare new phone prices at different stores, however, and can choose any new phone you want. You don’t have to limit yourself to only a selection of new phones.

Of course, you also could spend the cash anywhere else you might want to. If you don’t need a new phone, you can put the money received toward bills, savings, fun, or anything else. Trading in for credit doesn’t afford this freedom of choice.

2. Get a Quote for Your Old iPhone

Before you go to sell an old iPhone, first make sure you know what a buyer will pay for it. Only consider buyers that will tell you upfront how much your phone is worth, and preferably before you even drive to take the phone in somewhere.

A quote lets you make sure you’re getting a good price for the iPhone. You can research the value of your phone to see whether the quote is fair, and hopefully toward the higher end of what your phone is worth.

3. Don’t Delay Selling Your iPhone

Once you determine that you want to sell an old iPhone, don’t delay selling the phone. IPhone (like all technology) loses value over time. You could receive less if you sell it in a few months compared to now, especially if a newer iPhone model comes out during that time.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to not delaying is simply remembering to sell your cell phone. Many people intend to sell their old phones but never actually do — there are some 600 million old cell phones that could be recycled but are instead sitting in homes and offices.

Don’t set your iPhone somewhere that it could be forgotten for several months, but get a quick quote for the phone while you’re thinking about it.

4. Avoid Any Fees

Selling your old iPhone certainly shouldn’t come with any fees. These can include transaction fees, shipping fees, or any other fees that you could incur. The buyer should cover all such fees, and you should find another place to sell the phone if they don’t. You’re selling a phone to receive money and not pay money, after all.

5. Find a Close Location

When it comes to actually turn in the phone, find a buyer that lets you drop the phone off at a convenient nearby location. Driving any substantial distance will only reduce the amount you actually receive, as you’ll have to pay for gas. A dropoff location that’s close to home, school, or work ensures you don’t have to make a separate drive just to turn in the phone.

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