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9 Ways To Repurpose Old Phones And Tablets

Nov 20, 2022 •

You purchased a new phone and you’re looking forward to enjoying its new and improved technology. Compared to your old phone, your new one is the latest and sleek-looking. But one question remains… What do people do with their discarded phones? Is there a way to repurpose old phones? There are, in fact, more ways than one. Here, we’ll review some of them. Keep in mind that for the following repurposing techniques, the old phone will still need to be functional.

If your phone isn’t functional any longer, and you are wondering what to do with it, we can help you there, as well. At the end of this piece, we’ll introduce you to a place to which you can sell your old phone online.


Don’t burn up your new cell phone running it as a GPS tracker. Mount your old phone on your dashboard, plug it in, and it will always be there when you need it.

Play Phone

As an entertainment or gaming center, your old phone can work out great! Whether it’s cranking up the tunes or using it as a media library for videos, movies, TV shows, etc., your old phone can be used instead of your new one to save new phone storage and power.

This is also a great phone for your kids to play on if you need to occupy them while you’re driving in the car, at the store, etc. Let them play games on the old phone. Some games don’t even need an Internet connection.


As either a sleep tracker or alarm clock, consider using your old phone. You don’t even need to activate cell service on the phone to use it as an alarm.

To use it as a sleep tracker, however, you’ll want to download the necessary app.


GoPro-style cameras can cost hundreds of dollars. But if you can record HD video with your old smartphone, all your adventures can be recorded for posterity. Smartphone head mounts are available online. Purchase one and you are set to record beautiful memories of horseback riding, mountain climbing, cycling, or what have you.


With baby monitoring apps available for download, you can use your old phone instead of purchasing an expensive baby monitor. Simply face the crib with the camera on your phone and you can listen to and watch your baby.


Dashcams are expensive. But they’re a nice touch. You can attach your phone to the dashboard of your car and then plug in the charger. There is a dash cam app you can download to complete the process.


You can download the Skype app and use your phone for basic surveillance. When you’re not there, to find out what’s going on in and around your home, all you have to do is call in to check. (You will need a Wi-Fi connection.)


What if you lost your TV remote? There may be a way to make a new TV remote out of your old cell phone. Streaming services like the Fire TV Stick, Roku, and Apple TV have their own apps. Download the streaming service app into your phone and then link your account.


If you use video chat services to communicate – Snapchat, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc., why not make your go-to device your old phone? As long as you have Wi-Fi coverage, you can make this work.

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What’s the best way to repurpose an old phone? In a word: Sell!

In today’s economy, everyone can appreciate a little bit of extra income. Why not repurpose your old phone into funds you can use for anything you want? It’s easier today than ever. You can start the process over the Internet. Learn how to sell your old phone online.

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