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A Guide To Selling A Broken Phone For Cash

Nov 29, 2022 •

Smartphones are fragile and can break down after years of use. Sometimes, the damage is so bad that it can no longer be fixed. Are you thinking of throwing your broken phone into the trash? Hold it right there. Even though your phone is no longer in working condition, it is still possible to recycle it or sell it for cash. Selling your broken phone or recycling it will help prevent it from going into landfills where its potential is wasted. There are many valuable metals in your phone, including copper and gold. Continue reading for a simple guide to selling a broken phone online for cash so you can make the best use of your old phone!

Repairing Your Broken Phone

If you’re planning on selling your phone in online marketplaces or tech resale websites, repairing your phone will be a good idea to increase its worth and resale value. Some marketplaces and websites do not allow the sale of damaged or broken phones, be it a broken screen, missing buttons, or a malfunctioning battery. Be sure to check out the terms and conditions of a website in advance before you make a listing lest you get blacklisted.

However, whether you should repair your broken phone depends on the extent of the damage. If the repair cost of your phone far outweighs the current market price of resale phones, then it is not worth it to repair your phone, since the point of selling your phone is to maximize the most money you can get from your phone.

Where to Repair Your Phone

There are many repair shops available throughout the country, and there will most likely be a few shops near your area. But how do you know which shop will offer the highest quality repairs at the most affordable prices? That’s where online reviews come in. You can check the customer testimonials and reviews of the shops near you to find a reliable repair shop. Many repair shops will have their websites. Most of these websites will list the prices for common repairs. If not, you can always give them a call or send an email to inquire about repair fees. 

Selling Your Broken Phone

Although options are limited, there are a few places that buy broken phones. These places include Gazelle, ecoATM, Decluttr, UpTrade, SellCell, and MLG Cash. However, these places often set limits on what they will accept. For example, some places might not buy your phone if it has been blocked by a carrier or if your phone is snapped in half. Make sure to check the instructions and guidelines of the company or website you’re selling your phone to.

Sell Your Broken Phone at MLG Cash

MLG Cash is one of the best places to sell your broken phone. Our phone trade-in solution offers up to 30% more cash in your wallet than any other programs available. Trading in and receiving payment is extremely easy and fuss-free. All you have to do is follow the instructions on our website on how to sell your phone and fill up a questionnaire, then visit a nearby UPS store.