MLG Cash pays you up to 30% more cash than any other program for your old devices. We’ve teamed up with The UPS Store so you can conveniently turn in your phones at one of the 5,000 locations nearest to you. As part of our commitment to building a greener world, we will recycle these devices properly so they do not end up polluting our environment.

Our Purpose

Smartphones have become essential to our lives. But do you know that phones that are improperly disposed of can harm our planet? They usually end up in landfills and waste areas. These devices contain harmful substances such as cadmium, mercury, and lead, which can pollute our precious food and water resources. 

Based on estimates, there are over 600 million phones in the United States waiting or available for recycling. And the numbers continue to grow. 

We want to reduce this number. 

Our Mission

We’re here to make cell phone waste become history by paying you for the devices you’re no longer using. If you have an old phone that you no longer need, don’t just throw them away into the trash. Let us buy your old devices and help you recycle them properly. You’ll be supporting our efforts in creating a more sustainable planet. 

Furthermore, we plant a tree for every phone that we purchase so you’ll also be helping to build a greener environment!

How It Works

The process is easy. Here are the steps to start trading in your old phone:

  • Complete the Price Your Device questionnaire 
  • Receive your QR code
  • Prepare your phone by turning off Find My Phone, iCloud, & disconnect any Google accounts on the device
  • Erase the data on your phone and reboot it
  • Visit the UPS store (Make sure you bring a separate working device to receive your payment offer via text message)
  • Show your QR code to the UPS Store representative
  • The representative will perform a final inspection of your phone & verify the device’s IMEI number
  • After final inspection, you will receive your payment offer via text message to your working phone
  • Accept or reject your offer

After accepting, you will receive instant payment and your device will be recycled, helping to create a greener, more sustainable planet

Building A Greener Planet

Electronic waste is a global concern. With an increasing number of mobile phones being produced, the amount of electronic waste is expected to grow. 

MLG Cash wants to make cell phone waste become a thing of the past by providing you with a convenient way to recycle your phones. Simply head over to one of the nearest UPS Stores when you’ve completed the questionnaire on our website and received the QR code. Once the inspection is completed, you’ll be paid! We’ll then make sure your device is properly recycled.

Why Choose MLG Cash?

We have 5,000 locations so you don’t need to travel far to turn in your phone. After a quick and professional inspection, you’ll be paid through Paypal or Walmart Cash Pickup. 

Price your device now! Got questions? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!