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Android vs. iPhone: Which is Right for You

Mar 9, 2022 •

The most fundamental decision about a smartphone continues to be whether you should purchase an Android phone or an iPhone. Both options have lots to offer, but they each cater to different needs and preferences. Here’s how to determine which one is best suited for your priorities.

You’re on a Budget: Android

If cost is a primary diver, you’ll find more new Android phones at lower prices than you will iPhones.

Apple’s budget model is currently the new iPhone SE, which has a starting price of $429. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G has an initial price of $279.99, and the Galaxy A03s is priced at just $159.99. Other options include the OnePlus Nord N200 5G ($239.99) and the Moto G Power ($179.999).

That’s a quick list of four phones that are substantially less than Apple’s cheapest new model, and some are less than half the cost.

Get an iPhone for Less Than $429

Alternatively, there are a couple of ways that you can get an iPhone for less than the new iPhone SE’s $429 price.

Refurbished iPhones can be purchased directly from Apple, and older iPhone models can be bought on the secondary market for significant discounts. Even the previous iPhone SE (2nd Generation) can be purchased for a lot less, and it should continue to perform well for a few years at least.

You can also sell an existing phone to reduce your total cost. This makes obvious sense if you’re looking to upgrade a phone, and it can provide a significant amount of cash.

At MLG Cash, we regularly pay customers anywhere from a few to hundreds of dollars for their old and unwanted phones. Even a model that’s a couple of years old might effectively reduce the cost of a new iPhone SE by 10%, 25%, or even more.

The exact amount you’ll receive depends on your phone’s model and condition, but we regularly offer about ⅓ more than many competitors. You can find out how much your phone is worth by completing our quick online questionnaire.

You Have Apple Products: iPhone

If you’re already invested in the Apple ecosystem, an iPhone will be much easier to use with your existing devices. Files can quickly be sent between Apple phones, tablets, and computers, and all devices use the same file formats. You can also sync your devices together.

Don’t bother with an Android phone if you work on an Apple laptop, FaceTime with family members, or otherwise rely on Apple’s setup.

You Like Customization: Android

If you’re all about customizing your phone, Android models probably offer more overall options than Apple ones do.

While all new phones have plenty of cases and other accessories, Android allows you to change the home screen launcher, place apps where you want them, and make other changes. If you use third-party features, the in-phone options are virtually limitless.

Apple offers many fewer options for changing the phone’s screen and use.

You Use PC Computers for Work: Android

If you’ll be working on your phone and need to connect it to a PC computer, Android models will be a little more cooperative. File formats are largely the same across PCs and Android devices, although there may be minor differences if you use Microsoft and Google programs. The inclusion of a USB-C port also makes for easy plugging in.

You Want Privacy Protections: Apple

Apple has a long history of prioritizing users’ privacy, and the company recently increased privacy controls and third-party app tracking notifications.

Whether you’re worried about a child’s use or tracking in general, Apple has more safety protocols in place.

Get Money for a New Phone

Regardless of whether you settle on an Android or an iPhone, trade your current phone in to help with the cost of upgrading. At MLG cash, we pay high values for a variety of Android and Apple models.