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Apple Trade-In Program: How It Works

Jun 24, 2023 •

If you’re upgrading to the latest iPhone, the Apple trade-in program is a great way to get extra cash for your new device. By trading in your old iPhone, you can get credit towards a new purchase or even get paid directly. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Apple trade-in program and provide tips on how to get the best value for your old device

The Trade-In Process

To participate in the program, simply go to Apple’s website or visit an Apple Store and answer a few questions about your device, including its model, storage capacity, and overall condition. Apple will then provide you with an estimated value for your device based on its current market value. Once you’ve accepted the trade-in offer, you’ll need to send in your old device to Apple. You can either ship it to them using a prepaid shipping label or drop it off at an Apple Store. Once Apple has received and verified the condition of your device, they’ll either issue you a credit towards a new purchase or send you the money on an Apple gift card. 

You can trade in phones, tablets, computers, and watches. Computer trade-ins can only be made online as Apple stores do not accept them. Depending on the model, the estimated worth of your iPhone might range from $100 for an iPhone 6s to $600 for an iPhone XS Max. Check Apple’s website for estimates, but devices older than the iPhone 5S won’t have a trade-in value.

How Is Your Old Device Handled?

Your device’s eligibility for the Apple trade-in program depends on its condition. It will be offered to someone else as a reconditioned device if it is in good condition. This also holds true for the iPhone Upgrade program, which requires yearly payments starting at $35 in exchange for a new iPhone.

Apple offers to recycle the product for the customer if it is no longer in working condition. Apple is dedicated to sustainability and strives to recycle as much as it can. For instance, MacBook Air enclosures are made from recycled aluminum from obsolete iPhones. Customers who take part in the Apple trade-in program can not only upgrade to a new device but also make a positive impact on the environment.

Apple provides instructions to customers on how to back up their data and completely wipe the device so their personal information stays safe when they trade it in.

Get the Best Value for Your Old Device

It’s worth noting that the Apple trade-in program isn’t the only option out there. Many carriers and retailers also offer trade-in programs that may provide better value depending on the specific device you’re looking to trade in. Consider using a third-party service like MLGCash for your trade-in needs. MLGCash’s trade-in program offers cash payouts for your old devices and can often provide a higher value than Apple’s program. Plus, with MLGCash, you can sell a wider range of devices beyond just iPhones.