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Can I Fix My iPhone Myself?

Apr 15, 2022 •

Apple recently launched a new Self Service Repair Store, and iPhone owners can now service their phones themselves. You indeed may now be able to fix your iPhone without paying someone at the Genius bar — but some financial details should be considered before you attempt to.

What is the Self Service Repair Store?

The Self Service Repair Store is a new e-commerce site through which iPhone owners can purchase genuine iPhone parts and repair tools. The site is actually operated by a third party, but it’s approved by Apple and will only sell genuine original manufacturer equipment (OEM) parts and tools.

The parts that the store sells are the same as what Apple’s repair technicians use, and so too are the tools. There is no difference between these components and the ones you’d find in any Apple Store.

Additionally, the store links to Apple’s website where user manuals for all iPhone models are available.

How Can You Repair an iPhone?

Every iPhone repair, of course, has its own steps that must be followed. From purchasing parts to actually performing the repair, however, Apple now walks you through each step.

The Self Service Repair Store has many different repair kits available, and each kit comes with all of the parts that are needed for the particular repair. You don’t have to figure out what parts are required, because the kit already takes care of that for you.

The repair store also makes all of the tools that you’ll need readily available. Complete tool kits can be rented at a rate of $49 per week, or you can purchase individual tools to keep.

Once you purchase all of the required components and tools, follow the step-by-step guide in the appropriate user manual. The tutorial will take you through each step, and you should have everything that’s necessary to complete all of the steps.

After the repair is made and your iPhone reassembled, you can usually take any broken components back to Apple for a nominal rebate. You should also return the rented tool kit.

Does Repairing an iPhone Yourself Make Sense?

Before you order the parts and tools to repair your iPhone, first think through your options and their various costs. DIY repairs don’t always save as much money as you might expect.

Many iPhone repairs cost only nominally less if you do the work, as compared to having the repair done at an Apple Store. For example, consider these two common repairs on an iPhone 13 Pro:

  • Broken Screen: Apple’s screen replacement service for an iPhone 13 is $279. The repair kit costs $269, but you can get a $33.60 credit for returning old components. The net savings is $43.60.
  • Dead Battery: Apple’s battery service for the iPhone 13 is $69. The repair kit costs $71, but there’s a $24.15 rebate. The net savings is $22.15.

Of course, these savings assume you don’t make any mistakes during the repair that necessitate further or repeat repair work.

While you might decide that saving $20 to $40 is worth making an iPhone repair yourself, many people will understandably still bring their iPhone to the Apple Store for service.

Can You Sell a Broken iPhone?

Another alternative is to sell your iPhone to help pay for a brand-new one. At MLG Cash, we regularly pay good money for recent iPhone models even if they aren’t in pristine condition. Here are a few examples:

  • An iPhone SE (2nd Gen) could be worth $35 even if the screen is damaged
  • An iPhone 11 could be worth $95 even with a damaged screen
  • An iPhone 12 Pro Max could be worth $200 despite a damaged screen

To find out exactly how much your iPhone is worth given its current condition, fill out our brief online quote form. The value that you’re quoted is exactly what you’ll receive once the phone’s condition is confirmed. Complete the quote and bring it to a UPS Store location. We’ll pay instantly once you do, and that money could immediately be put toward a new phone.

In some cases, the cost of upgrading after selling your iPhone might not be much more than having a screen or battery repair made.