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Can You Sell A Locked iPhone? What You Need To Know

Sep 17, 2022 •

You can sell your iPhone device whether it is locked or not. There are several kinds of locks that may affect the efficiency of your device, including activation lock, password lock, and iCloud lock. Keep reading to learn more about each lock and what to do about them before selling the iPhone. 

Can You Sell Carrier-Locked iPhones? 

You can sell an iPhone with a network or activation lock. When it’s carrier-locked, users can only use the phone with one network, such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-mobile. iPhones that have been carrier-locked have a unique software code that stops them from establishing a connection with another carrier aside from what their initial programming permitted. 

When you have fully paid off the phone’s contract, the carrier could unlock them. If you decide to sell the phone or are unable to pay your payment, most networks won’t want the phone back. They only need the cash you owe them. Some businesses will purchase the financed iPhones even if you still owe money or have missed payments (finance blacklisted). 

Can You Sell iCloud-Locked iPhones? 

An Apple iPhone has a feature called the iCloud lock, which stops unauthorized users from using the phone. The owner of the gadget would need to input particular account information in order to use it if it were stolen or lost. You will be locked out of iCloud and won’t be able to use the phone if you forget your Apple ID or password. 

Selling an iPhone that has been iCloud-locked is not prohibited. In order to use the phone and fully unlock its functions, you have to be upfront with the person who is buying your phone and make sure they are aware that you can’t remember the Apple ID password. Before attempting to sell it, try to unlock the iCloud lock if at all feasible. iPhones that are iCloud-locked are extremely undervalued, and finding prospective purchasers might be challenging as a result. 

Can You Sell Passcode-Locked iPhones?

If you’re unable to access your iPhone as a result of forgetting your six-digit pin or because the device was not originally yours and you have never had a pin before, the iPhone is passcode-locked. If you input the passcode incorrectly six consecutive times, your iPhone may also lock itself with a password. 

You may still trade your iPhone even if you input your password incorrectly or have forgotten it. Even if the phone is not yours, you may still conduct a DFU restore and the passcode lock will be erased. The number of potential purchasers will be significantly reduced if you trade your phone with a password lock, but you may still do it.

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