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Don’t Throw Out Your Old Phone, Do This Instead

Sep 22, 2022 •

Smartphone technology keeps evolving and better models are always being developed. When you buy a new smartphone, you tend to dump your previous phones in the trash or one of your many drawers. When purchasing a new phone, you may save a little money by trading in your old one, but occasionally you find yourself with an extra, outdated smartphone lying around.

Reuse that gadget instead of letting it gather dust as it can still be a useful addition to the home if it connects to Wi-Fi. Below are ways you can put your old phones to good use:

Convert It Into an E-book Reader

Use your old phone instead of an ebook reader if you enjoy reading books and comics. Install the Amazon Kindle mobile app or any preferred ebook reading app, then sync your paid, no-cost, and library-borrowed books.

Make It a Gaming System

You can download a variety of mobile games for iOS and Android devices with just a Wi-Fi connection. Make a special gaming system out of an old smartphone if you have one laying around. This will ensure that you never have to stress about the storage capacity of your main device when unwinding on the sofa.

Turn It Into a Security Camera

Convert a discarded phone into a home security camera if you have one. Install security camera programs on both your old and new devices, then mount the old phone where it is needed. Just make sure the old phone has access to power and is always on. After logging in with your most recent smartphone, check the feed from your previous smartphone.

Use as a TV Remote

The majority of video streaming devices have their own remote controllers, however, they are often tiny and simple to misplace. There’s a good probability that you will (or already have) lost the remote control for your Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, or Roku. For app-based live TV streaming services like YouTube TV, a used smartphone can also be useful.

Give It to the Kids

Repurpose your old cellphone for your child if you aren’t quite ready to purchase them a phone of their own. The camera doesn’t require cellular access to function. Your children may make VoIP calls, download applications, email pictures, play games, and conduct internet searches after the phone has been secured and connected to Wi-Fi.

It Can Also Serve as a Media Player

You may easily listen to books, music, and podcasts on an outdated phone using your preferred streaming services. While doing chores around the house or working on projects at home, connect it to a Bluetooth speaker, or plug in some wireless headphones. An old smartphone may also be used as a dedicated video streamer. Before you leave the house, download a movie or two for amusement on the move that won’t drain your data plan or battery.

Convert It to a Video Chat Device

As long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection, your old smartphone may act as a dedicated video chat interface if you often communicate via Zoom, FaceTime, or another video chat platform. Your smartphone is still available for incoming calls and other notifications, so the youngsters no longer need to use it to contact their grandmother or their pals.

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