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Earning Extra Cash with MLG Cash is Simple as 1-2-3

Aug 9, 2021 •

Do you have an old phone or tablet that’s no longer being used? Several? Turning that device into cash is simple with MLG Cash. It’s so easy that you could complete the process this hour and get paid. The hardest part may be actually locating your phone.

1. Get a Quote for Your Old Device

When you find an old phone or tablet, go onto our website to find out exactly how much it’s worth. We’ve created a quick 6-step process that requires just a few basic questions, and we’re able to accept a wide variety of phones and tablets.

The devices we accept cover iPhones, Android phones, iPads and Android tablets. Below are just some of the models we pay for:

  • IPhone (7 to 12)
  • IPad (9.7 5th generation to Pro 12.9 3rd generation)
  • Galaxy (A20 to A71)
  • Galaxy Fold (first and section generation)
  • Galaxy Note (8 to 20)
  • Galaxy S (S8 to S21)
  • Galaxy Tablet (S4 to S7)
  • Galaxy Z Flip

To complete the questionnaire, you’ll have to go through a few steps:

  1. Enter your device model number
  2. Enter the device’s storage
  3. Select the device’s carrier
  4. State the device’s state and functionality
  5. Provide basic contact information

You’ll immediately see how much the device is worth, and this is the exact amount that you’ll get paid (provided you’ve given an accurate description). You don’t need to drive somewhere to get an estimate that could change. Our quotes are reliable and don’t change.

2. Bring the Device to a Dropoff Location

After you have a quote, bring the device to one of our participating dropoff locations. You shouldn’t have trouble finding one, for we’ve partnered with The UPS Store to accept devices on our behalf.

The UPS Store has more than 5,000 locations spread across the country, and there’s bound to be one near you. A location is probably no farther than the grocery store.

When you bring your phone to a UPS store, just hand the phone to whoever is working. They’ll check to confirm that your description is accurate, and then accept the phone. There’s no need to print a label, bring a box or otherwise package it — that’s what the people at UPS do.

3. Get Paid Instantly

As soon as your phone is accepted by a UPS Store employee, we’ll immediately send payment to your PayPal account or Walmart Cash Pickup. Choose whichever one you prefer, and you’ll have some extra cash to spend before you walk out of UPS’s door.

4. Know That You’re Doing Good

While not necessarily something you do, we take the process another step by responsibly caring for the environment. Not only do we properly dispose of and recycle all device components, but we also plant a tree for every device received. We have a growing forest already. Yours could be the next tree.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Old Devices

What types of devices does MLG Cash Accept?

We accept a wide array of smartphones and tablets, including both iOS and Android machines. See above for a fuller list, or check the first step in our online quote questionnaire.

How much is my smartphone worth?

What we can pay for a smartphone depends on the model, the storage, and the condition. There’s a significant range, and going through our online questionnaire is the only way to get a true quote for what your phone is worth. A couple of examples are listed below.

First, consider an older iPhone 7. Even if the phone is only a base model and its screen no longer functions properly (which is common), the phone could still be worth $12.50. You aren’t going to become rich from a device this old, but that’s 12 more dollars than you had before. Use it to get a lunch or take a friend out for coffee.

Second, consider a newer iPhone 12 Pro Max. With the maximum data and fully functioning, this phone could fetch $660. That’s a month’s worth of rent in many areas.

How much is my iPad worth?

IPad payments are based on the same factors as smartphone payments are. What you can receive will likewise depend on the model, storage, and condition. Below are a couple of examples to show the general range of values.

A 7th Generation iPad with just minimal data and a cracked screen would get $40. A fully loaded and properly functioning 4th Generation iPad Pro is worth up to $520.

Get Cash for Your Phone or Tablet Today

If you have an unused phone or tablet, why delay? Go through our questionnaire today, and you could have cash in your pocket within a few hours (at most). The time required will be just a few moments longer than it takes to arrive at your nearest UPS Store.