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Find Out How Much Your iPhone Is Actually Worth

Dec 2, 2022 •

Apple is constantly developing newer and better iPhones. If you’re replacing your iPhone with a newer model, you might be trying to sell your old iPhone. iPhone prices can vary a lot depending on the model and extent of the damage. Different places and websites also offer different prices. Wondering what’s the best way to calculate how much your old iPhone is worth? Continue reading to find out how much your iPhone is actually worth.

Do iPhones have High Resale Value?

iPhones are some of the most popular handheld electronics in the world. There is a lot of demand for used or refurbished iPhones that are in good working condition. Thus, there are many places that accept used iPhones, from online marketplaces to trade-in websites and local stores.

iPhones tend to hold their value. However, it is important to note that older models will be sold for less due to their age and older technology. iPhone 7 will sell at a decent price of around $77, but iPhone 5s are too outdated to receive a good price. Meanwhile, a iPhone 12 in mint condition can go for up to $510. Thus, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that newer phones in better condition will be able to get a better price.

Factors to Consider

The price of your iPhone will be determined by many factors. Phones in mint condition will always receive better prices compared to damaged phones. Damaged phones include the presence of defects, such as cracks or scratches. Other factors to keep in mind when pricing your phone include the addition of accessories, such as cases, chargers, earphones, and more. Adding on accessories will help to bump up the price of your iPhone, especially in online marketplaces.

Checking the Market Price

It is always a good idea to research the True Market Value (TMV) of your iPhone model before trading it in or listing it for sale. The market price can vary based on the condition of your iPhone, from a mint condition where everything is perfect, to good, fair, and damaged. Prices will also vary based on the sales platform you are using. You can check out online listings at the online marketplace you’re trying to sell at, or look at the price list of websites that offer to purchase old iPhones. Knowing the market rate of your iPhone helps you with managing expectations and negotiate for a good price.

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