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How Can I Turn My Old iPhone Into Cash?

Jul 16, 2021 •

Old devices can be worth cash, and iPhones often range among the most valuable. If you’re trading an iPhone in for money, we at MLG Cash make it both worthwhile and easy to do.

Payments 30% Higher Than Competitors

We’re able to consistently offer some of the highest prices in the industry, and that goes for iPhones as well as other devices. We regularly provide valuations that are 30 percent higher than competitors. That’s a significant amount more in your pocket.

For example, consider an older base iPhone 8 that still functions and is free of major damage. A souped-up iPhone 11 Pro that has lots of memory can fetch $550 with us. That’s a $165 increase over a 30-percent lower price. A triple-digit difference is worth pursuing if you’re upgrading to the latest model. The difference in price becomes even more pronounced when you trade in a newer, higher-spec iPhone.

Find Your iPhone’s Value Online

When you’re determining the value of your particular iPhone, we leave the guesswork out of the process. Simply fill out our online form, and you’ll know exactly how much we’ll pay. The form is easy to complete, with just a few basic questions:

  • What is the model?
  • How much memory does the phone have?
  • What carrier is the phone with (or unlocked)?
  • Does the device fully work (power, activation off, screen function)?
  • Does the device have damage to the screen or casing?

You’ll see exactly how much the phone is worth. Just fill in some other basic information (name, contact information, etc.), and bring the phone to a dropoff location. So long as the inspection reveals that your assessment was accurate, you’ll receive the amount shown online.

Bring Your iPhone to a Nearby Location

Once you have a valuation for your iPhone, actually exchanging it for cash is as easy it could be. After pricing your device and receiving your QR code, just take your phone to one of the nearby dropoff locations to trade it in. There are more than 5,000 participating The UPS Store dropoff locations nationwide.

Take your phone to The UPS Store near you if you already know of one or use our online price your device tool to show you the dropoff locations nearest you when you enter your personal information.

Same Day Payment Via Paypal

When you trade-in your phone at a participating location, you don’t need to wait for payment. We’ll send the money directly after a participating location receives it. We pay via Paypal, for instant transfer and maximum convenience. Which you’d like to use is up to you.

We offer instant payment largely because you shouldn’t have to wait to use your money. It’s now your money, after all. As soon as you trade in your iPhone, you can use that money to pay off a bill, purchase a special gift, book a travel vacation or for whatever other purpose you want. Of course, many people use the money to immediately upgrade their iPhone (or perhaps switch to an Android device).

Environmental Responsibility Because the World is Important

In addition to serving you well, we also strive to do right by the world. Our practices are environmentally friendly, especially for an industry that deals with non-friendly materials.

Our environmental efforts begin with the proper recycling of all iPhone components. We don’t just send the components to a dump somewhere in the developing world, where they’ll cause harm both to the ecosystem and people living nearby. We instead make sure all components — including all harmful chemicals — are either recycled or properly disposed of, and we have regular quality checks to ensure this policy always is followed.

We also go one step further than the proper disposal of components. For every iPhone we receive, we’re committed to planting a tree. Our trees are planted around the world for the benefit of the environment everywhere.

We’ve already sponsored numerous trees, but there are even more to be planted. With more than 600 million devices in the United States alone, these efforts could create a full-fledged rainforest.

Find Out How Much Your iPhone is Worth

We accept a wide variety of iPhone models, going all the way back to the iPhone 7. Whether you have any version (e.g. Plus, Pro) of the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone SE, iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, we’ll likely be able to pay you.

To begin the process of trading in your iPhone for a gift card or cash, find out how much it’s worth via our online tool. You’ll know how much you can get in just a few steps. There’s no better way to responsibly dispose of an old phone, and we’ll make sure you personally benefit too.