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How MLG Cash Can Help You Get Extra Money for a New iPhone 13

Sep 9, 2021 •

The all-new Apple iPhone 13 provides access to a host of new improvements that make even owners of last year’s iPhone 12 consider upgrading. ProMotion makes the user interface smoother, the A15 chip is much faster, the battery lasts much longer, and a telephoto lens lets you take close-up pictures without actually getting any closer. Whether you have an older iPhone, an iPhone 12 or an Android, there are lots of reasons to consider switching to Apple’s latest rendition.

The new iPhone 13 doesn’t come cheap, though. Prices between $799 and $1,129 might not be more than those of previous years’ models, but that’s still a good chunk of change.

If you’re looking to purchase the iPhone 13, MLG Cash offers extra money for old and unused devices. Here’s how we can help you get extra money for upgrading to the new iPhone.

1. Sell Your Current Phone

First, we’ll purchase your current phone from you. We buy both Apple and Android devices, so you can take advantage of an offer regardless of which tribe you’re currently in. Depending on your current phone, this could go a long way toward helping pay for the new one.

For example, we can pay up to $155 for a fully loaded iPhone XR in good and working order. That covers nearly ⅕ of the cost of a base iPhone 13, which is far more capable than even the higher-end XR that was released three years ago.

Of course, we can pay even more if you have a newer phone. An iPhone 12 from last year that has no upgrades is worth $380, assuming it works properly. The price jumps to $415 if the phone has a larger 256 GB capacity.

In either case, an iPhone 12 can cover more than half the cost of a base iPhone 13. It’d alternatively cover the cost of upgrading the iPhone 13’s memory from the standard 128 GB to the much larger 512 GB capacity.

Whatever phone you’re currently using, you can quickly see how much it’s worth by taking a quick questionnaire on our website. Don’t be surprised if it’s worth more than you expect, for we regularly offer up to 30 percent more than other phone buyers.

2. Sell Any Other Old Phones/Tablets

Second, we may also pay for other old phones and tablets that you have. Don’t expect to receive quite as much for older phones that aren’t used anymore, but converting these to cash can still help.

The amount can add up if you have several old devices lying around, and even just one could give you a little extra to spend. Depending on how much you receive, it might cover part of the iPhone 13, sales tax on the purchase or the cost of an accessory.

There’s a specific list of devices that we accept, but it includes most Apple and many Android devices made in the past few years. Chances are, we’ll pay if Apple or Samsung made it recently. We may buy other phones and tablets too.

3. Combine With Purchasing Incentives

Third, you can combine our payment offers for phones with any purchase offers that might be available.

Some places may offer you a sweet price for your old phone, only then to overcharge on a new phone, service plan or accessories. Others may pay a fair price and charge a fair price, but neither of those is necessarily the best you’ll find.

We’re confident that our offer will be among the best you’ll receive for your current phone. You can then take that money and spend it wherever the best deal for a new iPhone is. Feel free to buy from Apple, a carrier, a retailer or any other trustworthy source.

How to Sell Your Old Phone

The process of selling your old phone is simple, and you can likely have money for a new iPhone 13 today or tomorrow.

Begin by filling out the form on our website, which has only six steps and takes no more than a few minutes. We’ll then show you what the phone is worth and ask for some personal details. Assuming you’re happy with the price we offer, fill in those details and check where the nearest dropoff location is. There are more than 5,000 UPS Stores that we’ve partnered with to be dropoff locations, so one is bound to be near you.

When you bring your phone to a dropoff location, an employee will confirm that your phone is in the described condition. Assuming everything is all set, the employee will take your phone and ship it to our facility — free of charge to you. You’ll receive payment almost instantly into your PayPal account. Put that money toward your new iPhone 13 as soon as you get the funds.

Sell Your Phone With MLG Cash

To get started selling your phone, find out how much it’s worth. Fill out the form, and see how much it can help get the new feature-laden Apple iPhone 13.