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How Much Does A Phone Screen Repair Cost?

May 31, 2023 •

Teenagers, adults, and even kids use their phones for several functions daily. The smartphone is undoubtedly one of the most-used technology pieces in the world today. So, what happens when you have butterfingers and drop your phone, shattering its screen? While this can be incredibly frustrating, cracking a phone screen is almost a universal experience. You are not alone! If you have a damaged phone screen, the next thing on your mind is most likely a repair cost. Several factors, including the severity of screen damage, the type of phone itself, the quality of replacement parts, and warranty coverage, can determine the phone screen repair cost. Read on to explore your options.

Manufacturer Repairs

Getting your phone screen repaired by the manufacturer company is usually the most expensive screen repair option; however, you can be assured of a high-quality fix performed by knowledgeable technicians. Samsung, Apple, and other phone manufacturers have their own repair services that can help you replace your phone screen faster and better. If you recently purchased your phone, you’re in luck! You most likely have a warranty that can help you cover costs for other phone defects like a deep screen pixel. Although the manufacturer’s screen repair is more expensive, it is a far safer, faster, and better option.

Third-party Repairs

Another screen repair option is visiting a third-party repair shop. Most phone companies have authorized service providers, including electronics retailers and local repair shops, who have access to manufacturer-approved tools. These providers are the next best option after a manufacturer repair as they provide similar but less-expensive service. You also don’t have to void your warranty at a third-party repair shop.

DIY Repair

Compared to other simple DUIs guides online, a DIY screen repair can be quite complex. You could hurt yourself in the process or damage your phone further. You will also need certain specialized tools, which may be expensive to procure. If, however, you’re knowledgeable in electronics, you could DIY your screen phone repair. Some phone companies like Apple provide self-service repair programs that can send you manuals, rental tools, and components to help with your DIY repair. 

Types of Screen Damage

Whether your screen damage is severe or minimal, manufacturer screen repair usually has the same price quote. This can be particularly useful in cases where you have a complicated screen problem that’s generally expensive to fix. However, if the damage is minimal, you might pay a lot more for a manufacturer’s repair than a third-party repair would cost you. Phone screens have two major components- the outer layer made up of glass and the liquid crystal display (LCD) underneath it. If you decide on DIY or third-party repair, prices may vary depending on the severity of the screen damage. Here are different types of damage:

  • Broken glass: if you only have broken glass with a working phone, you only have to replace the glass. This is the simplest and perhaps the cheapest type of screen damage to fix.
  •  Broken LCD. If your phone stops working after screen damage, the LCD is probably broken. This might cause black spots or lines on the screen or a total blackout. This is a more complicated repair and will cost more.
  • Dead pixels: If you notice a small dot on your screen, part of your LCD is probably malfunctioning, causing dead pixels. This type of screen damage is more complex and may be an even more expensive repair.

Fix it or Sell it?

If you’re considering fixing your phone screen, check out its price on MLG Cash first.  A broken screen doesn’t reduce your phone’s resale value, as many think. In most cases, your phone, even with a broken screen, will fetch you a reasonable and fair market price. With us, selling your old or broken phone online is straightforward and easy. Contact us, and we will show you how it works!