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How Much is My Old iPhone Worth?

Feb 25, 2022 •

Many old smartphones still have financial value, and iPhones have some of the best retention rates. An old iPhone could be worth quite a significant amount. Find out exactly how much.

Factors That Affect iPhone Values

While many factors can have minor effects on an old iPhone’s value, the worth of a phone is primarily determined by four main factors.

Your iPhone’s Series

First, the series of your iPhone obviously sets the general range that your phone is worth. A more recent iPhone model is going to be worth more than an older phone, and the difference is most pronounced with most recent models.

The difference in value between an iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 is likely to be more than the difference between an iPhone X and an iPhone 8, simply because the first two have higher values.

Your iPhone’s Specific Model

Second, the specific model that you have will also greatly impact how much the phone is worth. Models that cost more initially still are worth more on the secondary market.

The difference is most pronounced with recent models, and with models where there’s a significant discrepancy in features. The difference between a Pro and a standard is usually greater than the difference between a Pro Max and a Pro. This has historically been true with initial price points, too.

Your iPhone’s Specs

Third, the particular specs of your iPhone have a lesser impact on value, but they still do impact the phone’s worth. The primary consideration is the amount of storage space that the phone has, as this is one of the few specs that can be adjusted when buying an iPhone. More storage space makes a phone more valuable.

Your iPhone’s Condition

Finally, your iPhone’s condition has an immense and direct impact on value. A phone that’s in good order will see the highest possible purchase price. One that has significant damage will be worth much less — or worth nothing in the case of older phones that don’t turn on.

Even though it’s important, phones conditions are mostly discussed in broad terms. Whether the phone turns on, has a cracked/scratched screen, or has any case damage are the primary concerns.

What Your iPhone Could Be Worth

The only way to find out exactly how much your specific iPhone is worth is by getting a customized quote. Nevertheless, the following examples of values provide a rough picture of how various phones are valued:

  • A base iPhone X in good condition may be worth $115
  • A 256GB iPhone XS Max in good condition may be worth $250
  • A 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max in good condition may fetch $770

Get the Most for Your iPhone

However much your iPhone is worth, you undoubtedly want to get as much as you can for the phone. At MLG Cash, we pay up to 30 percent more than competitors for iPhones. We’ll make sure you get a price that’s more than fair for your old iPhone, and we take models going back as far as the iPhone 7.

We’ve also made the iPhone-selling process as simple and convenient as possible. To sell your iPhone with us:

  1. Quote: Fill out our online quote tool. The tool takes just a few minutes to complete, and the price you’re quoted will be how much you’re paid (assuming the provided information is accurate).
  2. Turn In: Bring the quote and your phone to any of the 5,000+ UPS Store locations. We’ve partnered with The UPS Store to make turning in the phone easy. An employee will accept the phone, confirm that the description is accurate, and then notify us that they’ve received the phone.
  3. Get Paid: We’ll pay you instantly — likely before you leave the counter of the UPS Store location. You can choose Paypal, Walmart Cash Pickup or Moneygram when getting a quote.

Ready to find out how much you can sell your iPhone for? Get started by filling out the quote form now.