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How To Get Paid for Your Old Cell Phone

Mar 2, 2022 •

Many old cell phones can be sold, and you could be paid a nice sum for selling your old phone. At MLG Cash, we have streamlined the process from getting an initial quote to finally getting paid. Here’s how to sell your old phone and get paid on the same day.

1. Get a Quote for Your Old Cell Phone

First, find out how much your old cell phone is worth by filling out our online quote tool. The tool requires answering a few questions, but the questions are simple and take no more than a few minutes to fill out.

The first questions focus on what model phone you have, and what its specs are. You don’t need to know every processor chip, but you should try to determine what the storage capacity of your phone is. (Our tool lists the different storage capacities that were originally offered on each model).

The middle questions are where you assess your phone condition. Again, this isn’t a super detailed assessment of every nuance. You just have to answer a few basics, such as does the phone power on, is the screen cracked or scratched, and is there damage to the case.

After answering these questions, you’ll see what we can offer given your phone’s model, specs, and condition. While it’s impossible to give a specific amount without knowing these details, most people are pleasantly surprised with what we’re able to offer — it’s sometimes as much as 30% more than what other companies will pay.

As a reference point, a mid-range iPhone 8 or Samsung Note8 might be worth ~$50 dollars. A more recent iPhone 13 or Galaxy 20 could be worth hundreds, especially if it’s one of the higher (e.g. Pro) models.

2. Accept Our Offer for Your Phone

Assuming you’re happy with what we can offer, simply accept our offer as the last step of the online quote tool.

Accepting our offer guarantees that’s how much you’ll receive for your phone, provided that you have accurately described it. We need some basic contact information in order to send you the offer. Once you have provided that and accepted the offer, you’re ready to actually sell the phone.

3. Have Your Phone Confirmed by UPS Store Employee

You can then sell the phone by bringing it to a The UPS Store location.

We’ve intentionally partnered with The UPS Store chain for two reasons. First, UPS Stores are able to efficiently ship the phone to us, which helps keep our operating expenses low so that we can make higher offers. Second, there are more than 5,000 UPS Store locations nationwide — one is undoubtedly near you.

Once you take your phone to a UPS Store location, one of the employees will confirm the phone’s condition and accept it. Employees can quickly assess a phone’s condition because we only require a few basic questions to be answered. They’re the same questions that you’ve already answered (e.g. power, screen, case, etc.).

The employee will then accept the phone, and take care of shipping it to us.

4. Get Paid Instantly

You’ll be paid immediately when the employee accepts your phone. That last step of the online quote tool asks whether you’d prefer to be paid via Paypal or Walmart Cash Pickup, so we’ll already know how to send the funds to you. They should be in your account before you even reach the door of the UPS Store where you drop the phone off.

Sell Your Old Phone Today

There’s little reason to keep old cell phones lying around, especially when you can sell them for cash. Find out how much your phone is worth now via our online quote tool, and you could have more money in your pocket (Walmart Cash Pickup or Paypal account) in just a few hours.

Spend, save or use the money that you receive as you wish — you can even put it back in the junk drawer where your old phone currently is if you really want to. We’d recommend putting it toward something fun, a savings goal or a new phone, though.