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How To Make Easy Money From Your Old Cell Phones

Jan 22, 2022 •

Old cell phones are often worth money, and everyone would rather have money in their wallet than an unused phone in their junk drawer. If your junk drawer has some phones in it, here’s how to make money from your old cell phones.

Step 1: Gather Your Old Cellphones

Gather up your old cell phones, which might be in several different places. Check the junk drawer, bin of outdated chargers, and anywhere else you may have tossed a broken or unwanted phone.

As you gather phones, separate them into two piles. Put all phones that are still supported into one pile, for these can likely be sold. Phones that aren’t supported anymore probably don’t have any resale value, and can just be put into a box for recycling at a local electronics store. Staples and Best Buy are a couple of retailers that usually accept devices for recycling.

For reference, we at MLG Cash accept cellphone models going back several years. The oldest models that we’re currently buying are the following:

  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy A20
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

We generally buy these and all newer models of the respective product lines.

Step 2: Assess Each Phone’s Condition

Quickly assess the specs and conditions of each phone. The assessment doesn’t need to be extremely detailed, but there are some items that you’ll need to know.

For specs, check the storage space and carrier. If you don’t remember and the phone doesn’t function, ask a family member whether they recall or look up a sales receipt. You might also be able to deduce the storage space from how much you paid.

A cursory look will show everything you need to know about the condition. Does the phone have:

  • Functioning power on/off
  • An activation lock enabled
  • Any screen damage
  • Any damage to other exterior components

Phones’ conditions will impact how much you can sell each cellphone for. Even if the power doesn’t work or the screen is cracked, however, it’s worth seeing whether a phone is worth anything.

Step 3: Get a Quote for Each Phone

Once you determine the specs and conditions, get a quote for each old cellphone that you want to sell. We at MLG Cash provide an instant quote based on only the information noted above.

Fill out our online form that has only a few basic questions, and you’ll see how much we can pay for your old cell phones. Depending on the model and condition, the phones might be worth anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds. However much you’re quoted is exactly what you’ll receive (we even pay Paypal’s fees) when you surrender the phone and its condition is confirmed.

Step 4: Enter Personal Information to Confirm

To confirm your quote, we do ask for some personal information in the last stage of our online form. Only basic details (e.g. name, contact information) are requested, though, and we only ask for this after you see how much money the cell phones are worth.

Step 5: Surrender Your Old Cellphones

When everything is in order, bring your old cell phones to a participating The UPS Store location. UPS has more than 5,000 participating stores nationwide, so there’s undoubtedly one near you. You probably even go past it regularly when driving to work, school, or other stores.

An employee at The UPS Store will quickly confirm your phone’s model, specs, and condition. They’ll then accept the phone and the process of selling your old cellphones will be imminently complete.

Step 6: Get Paid Instantly

All that’s left is to get paid. We pay instantly via MoneyGram, Walmart Cash Pickup, or Paypal — as soon as the phone is accepted the money will be sent to your chosen account. There’s no reason why you should wait to get paid in today’s digital world, after all.

Find Out Your Cellphones’ Values

To find out how much your old cell phones are worth, quickly price your device via our online form. You could complete the form, go to The UPS Store, surrender the phone, and get paid today. Start now, so you don’t forget and the phones don’t sit around for several more years.