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How To Properly Back Up Your Phone Before Selling

Sep 24, 2021 •

Backing up your phone’s data should be the first thing you do before selling the phone. You’ll also need to wipe the phone of all data, but everything will be lost if you don’t first backup photos, chats, contacts, apps, and other data. Don’t get caught up too much in the cash you’ll get for selling your phone or the shiny new phone you’re purchasing. Make sure you take the steps necessary to properly back up your current phone.

What’s required to back up your current phone depends on whether you have an Apple or Android device, and also what operating system your phone is running.

Backing Up an iPhone Before Selling

Transfer Data to Your New IPhone

If you already have your next phone, transferring data to the new phone if you’re going from one iPhone to another. Find out whether you’re running iOS 10 or earlier, or iOS 11 or later.

Transferring data doesn’t create a true backup, and you should still go through the process of actually backing up your data. Conducting a transfer first will ensure that you have an extra copy of the information, though, and it may be easier to back up the data from your new iPhone.

iPhones that are running iOS 11 or later (including the new iOS 15), a built-in Quick Start feature will automatically migrate all of your information. To use this feature:

  1. Turn on both iPhones, and place them near each other.
  2. The new phone will ask you to enter an Apple ID. Enter the one you want to use.
  3. An animation will appear on your new phone. Place the old phone directly above the new one so that they’re centered. Make sure the old phone’s camera is on.
  4. Wait for the new phone to display a message Finish on New. (You’ll have to Authenticate Manually if your old phone’s camera no longer works.)
  5. Enter your current phone’s passcode on your new phone, and follow the instructions to set up Face ID or Touch ID.
  6. Wait for the Transfer Data screen, and tap Continue. Selecting Other Options will let you transfer from other sources.
  7. Keep both phones near each other and plugged in until the migration is complete.

iPhones running IOS 10 or earlier must transfer data via iCloud, iTunes or Finder. Transferring from iCloud requires going through a series of self-explanatory questions (e.g. selecting a WiFi network, entering Apple ID), and choosing the backup to use. Transferring from iTunes or Finder involves a similar set of questions, but the new phone must be connected to a computer.

Back Up Data From Your IPhone

To create an actual backup, decide whether you want the backup securely stored in iCloud or locally stored on a computer.

Backing up with iCloud requires a few simple steps. Go to Settings > enter your name > select iCloud > select Backup > toggle Backup on > select OK > select Back Up Now.

If you prefer backing up locally with iTunes, connect your phone to the computer. Enter your passcode and select Trust This Computer. Open iTunes > select the device > select Encrypt (for added security) > create a password for the encrypted backup > select Back Up Now.

Backing Up an Android Phone Before Selling

Backing up an Android phone is slightly more involved than backing up an iPhone. In many cases, you’ll need to backup multiple groups of items if you have an Android phone:

  1. Google Account Data: Back up all Google game data, contacts, calendar entries, email, documents and bookmarks. Go to Settings > select Accounts > select Google > select the Google account > check what you want to sync > select Sync.
  2. Photos and Videos: Back up your photos and videos in the cloud or on a local computer. To back up in the cloud, upload the photos to your chosen photo storage service. To use a local computer, connect the phone to the computer and go through the prompts to install drivers (if prompted). Then check both your phone’s SD card and the phone’s memory for photos/videos. Copy and paste any individual photos or folders of photos to a folder on the computer.
  3. Texts and Calls: One of the easiest ways to backup texts and call logs is to use the app SMS Backup and Restore. The app is free in the Google Play Store and will guide you through the process.

Sell Your Phone When Ready

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