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How To Sell Your Phone for Cash Today

Apr 5, 2022 •

Have an unwanted or unneeded phone? The phone is likely worth something, and you could turn that something into money in your wallet (or account). Here’s how to sell your Android or iPhone for cash today — at MLG Cash, we make the selling process quick, easy, and profitable.

Know Your Phone’s Model and Condition

You’ll have to know your phone’s model and general condition in order to get a valuation for the device.

You likely know the model number and storage capacity, but these can easily be checked on the phone itself if you don’t remember. You’ll find an “About Phone” or “About Device” somewhere in the phone’s settings, and most phones have a “Storage” within their settings too.

A forensic study of your phone isn’t needed, but rather you should check the phone’s basic function. Does the phone power on? Are there cracks in the screen or case? Does the touchscreen still work? Do you know whether the activation lock is disabled, and what carrier the phone is with? (Don’t forget to charge the phone if it won’t power on before you test it.)

Answer Some Simple Questions

Once you’ve completed your cursory assessment, you’re ready to answer some questions about the phone. Our quote tool has seven questions about the phone that can be answered in about 70 seconds — all of the questions are answered by the assessment you’ve done.

Get a Quote for the Phone

We’ll show you exactly how much your phone is worth after the questions are completed, and you’ll likely be pleased with how much we can offer. What you receive will depend on the answers, but it’s frequently 30 percent more than the amounts that other companies will pay.

Potential valuations range anywhere from a few dollars for a basic older phone, to several hundred for a recent high-end model. Here are just a few examples:

  • LG Stylo 6 X (base) could be worth $15
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ (128 GB) could be worth $170
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (512 GB) could be worth $500
  • Apple iPhone 11 (256 GB) could be worth $220
  • Apple iPhone 13 Mni (512 GB) could be worth $465

Whatever quote you receive after completing the process is the amount you’ll receive, presuming the phone’s condition has been described accurately.

Assuming you’re pleased with the valuation, you’ll be asked for a few more details. We’ll need your contact information and preferred mode of payment (PayPal or Walmart Cash Pickup) in order to send the funds.

Bring the Phone to a UPS Store

Bring your phone to any UPS Store location in order to actually turn it over. We’ve partnered with The UPS Store because they’re able to efficiently ship phones and have more than 5,000 locations nationwide. You shouldn’t have to drive far to find a location, and we can offer higher prices partly because shipping rates are kept low.

The UPS Store employee who greets you will accept the phone, and conduct a brief inspection to confirm the condition. They’ll then accept the device and confirm with us that they’ve received it.

Get Paid Instantly

You’ll be paid almost immediately because the price and account will already be set for the transfer. We can send money via Paypal or Walmart Cash Pickup — your choice — and the funds will instantly be deposited.

You can then use the funds however you like. There’s no obligation to put the funds toward a new phone, although you’re certainly welcome to do so if trading up.

Sell Your Phone Today

To begin the process of selling your phone, fill out our online form with the phone’s details. You could be paid within just a few hours — or much sooner if you’re able to head to a UPS Store right now.