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How To Wipe Your iPhone Before Selling It Or Trading It In

Dec 8, 2022 •

Do you have an iPhone you’re done with? Maybe you’ve already purchased the latest phone or would like some cash to put toward a new model that you’ve yet to purchase. Either way, how great would it be if you could sell your old phone online? That way, you’d have some cash in your pocket for your new phone, money to pay a bill, or a little extra spending money. Here, we will introduce you to a fast, easy way to sell your old phone. Did you know, however, that before you sell it, you should wipe your iPhone? Here’s how.

What Does “Wiping Your iPhone” Mean?

Very simply put, when you wipe your iPhone, you’re removing all of your personal information. We’re talking about emails, contacts, photos, apps, etc. If you’re trading in your phone or selling it, it’s best to wipe away any traces of your data, files, and personal information.

The original manufacturer settings for your iPhone can be restored. This is referred to as a hard reset or a master reset. This brings your phone back to the condition it was in before you even removed it from the box. Ideally, you’d like to transfer your information to your new phone, unless you don’t need it anymore.

Is a Reset/Wipe Important?

In this age when everyone has to worry about getting their identity stolen, it’s more important than ever to wipe your iPhone before trading or selling it. There’s a lot of information in there you probably don’t even realize. The last thing you need is all of your personal information in the hands of your phone’s new owner.

iPhone Reset

If your phone is equipped with the latest IOS version, the process will be even easier when you initiate the factory reset. So, make sure the latest software version has been updated (iOS 15). Extra steps are needed if you don’t have your phone updated. Get ready to reset:

  • From the list of options in Settings, choose General.
  • Tap Reset or Transfer (probably at the bottom of the page)
  • If you’re transferring your data to your new phone, the next step will offer you that option. Once that’s done, look for Erase All Content and Settings at the bottom of the page and tap it.
  • When prompted, enter your passcode.
  • You’ll see Erase This iPhone on the next screen, at the top. The blue Continue button should then be tapped.
  • To turn off Find My, you’ll be asked to enter your account password (Apple ID/iCloud).
  • In the top right corner, once this is done, tap Turn Off.
  • Finally, look for the Erase iPhone button/pop-up and tap it.
  • Eventually, the original Welcome Screen will appear… and you’re done.

Now That You Wiped Your iPhone…

Now that your iPhone has been wiped clean, it’s time to turn it into a payday! Moments after that phone is received, you can receive a receipt and payment. Return your phone in person and you can get paid right away. Wondering how to sell your old phone online? It’s easy.

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