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iPhone XS Vs. iPhone XR: What’s The Difference?

May 21, 2023 •

Each year Apple releases new iPhone models, which causes a huge stir amongst Apple loyalists, journalists, and potential first-time buyers. Lots of speculations begin to circulate this time of the year, with people looking forward to the features the new iPhone or iPhones will offer. Like every other year, the iPhone XS and XS Max models were launched during a much-anticipated grand event in 2018. 

Along with the two iPhone variants expected to be released, the iPhone XR was also launched, drawing lots of attention and interest because of its relative affordability compared to other variants. Soon after, in 2019, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro were released, causing the prices of both iPhone XR and iPhone XS to fall in the market. This makes both iPhones excellent options for people looking to purchase from the Apple smartphones company. However, if you can’t decide which one to purchase, the iPhone XS vs. iPhone XR, read on to learn all their important differences.


If you’re considering the design, the iPhone XR and iPhone XS may look very similar in terms of physical sizes and dimensions. However, they have different designs. With a height of 143.6mm, width of 70.9mm, and 7.7mm thickness, the iPhone XS also weighs about 177 grams or 6.24 oz. In comparison, iPhone XR measures 150.9mm in height, 8.3 mm in thickness, and 57.7 mm in width, weighing 194g or 6.64 oz. Considering their dimensions, the iPhone XR is larger than iPhone XS, which has similar dimensions to the iPhone X predecessor.

Although both phones have glass backs, the iPhone XS is made with more sleek stainless steel, whereas the iPhone XR has edges covered with aluminum.

Display Difference

At 6.1 inches, the iPhone XR has a larger display than iPhone XS, with only 5.8 inches. However, that doesn’t mean the iPhone XR also has superior display quality. Although the XR display is larger than iPhone XS by 5%, it is 10% heavier and thicker, making it somewhat unwieldy. You may also notice the iPhone XR being disproportionately larger. This is because the XR has a CLD display as opposed to the OLED display found in the XS, making the latter more flexible. When looking at the display quality of both iPhones, you’ll find that the XR offers 324 pixels per inch, whereas the XS has a pixel density of 463 pixels per inch, causing the difference in their quality of display.

Charging and Battery life

One area where the iPhone XR outshines the XS is its battery life. While the LCD of the XR might be slightly disappointing, you are compensated with better battery life. In addition, because of the larger size of the iPhone XR, it can also house a bigger and better battery – at 2,942mAh, whereas the iPhone XS has a smaller battery with 2,658mAh. Overall, in terms of battery performance, the iPhone XR is about 25% better than the iPhone XS. Considering charging, both phones offer wireless charging; however, the iPhone XS offers faster charging speeds. What can be a big turnoff is that you don’t receive a wireless charger when you purchase the already-more-expensive iPhone XS. The charger has to be bought separately, making it seem like a bad deal for some.

Selling your Old iPhone

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