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New Features to Look Out for in IOS 15

Jul 26, 2021 •

Apple announced the next iOS update at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The update is partially released for beta testing already, and the fully developed version will update over the airwaves this fall. Here are some of the most notable features that you can expect, although whether they’re useable depends on which model iPhone you have.

New IOS 15 Features and Upgrades

FaceTime SharePlay, Portrait Mode and More

FaceTime has long been the easiest way to video connect with other iOS users, and it’s getting multiple upgrades that will improve the experience even more.

FaceTime Portrait Mode utilizes spatial audio technology to make it seem as if a person’s voice is coming from where they are on screen, and Group FaceTime will create an easier multi-user interface that’s a bit similar to Zoom.

SharePlay enables users to share their real-time digital experiences with other FaceTime users, making it possible to sync Apple Music songs, Apple TV+ (and ESPN+, Hulu etc.) shows and streaming services. FaceTime will also expand to Windows, so iOS users can now connect with non-Apple users.

IMessage Sharing Capabilities

iMessage will make it more convenient to share photos and memories with friends.

Photos could always be sent over the platform, but now they’ll be grouped together when you send multiple at a time. The group will appear as a dynamic collage that users can swipe or tap through, and they’ll be stored as a group. Sharing songs and other items will work similarly. Whenever you want to access shared photos or memoirs, check the new Shared with You folders in Photos, Apple Music and News.

Multiple Maps Upgrades for In-World Directions

Apple Maps will receive multiple upgrades, not the least of which is more detail to the maps themselves. The most impressive features, however, are the ones that will create in-world directions.

Maps will have more data on elevation, road colors and rich labels, which will allow the platform to provide directions as you walk or drive along a route. Directions will be provided in a 3D format. Medians, turn lanes, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways will all be pointed out, as well as major landmarks. Should you ever get lost, you can now scan a building or another landmark to see if it’s logged into the platform.

In addition to the driving and walking improvements, Maps also has new benefits if you take public transit. The platform will automatically follow along a route, providing notifications when you need to embark. This will work with either iPhones or Apple Watches.

Additional Privacy Features

Apple made news earlier this year when it made privacy controls for apps more prominent, thereby increasing usage of them. The next iOS update will continue Apple’s emphasis on privacy and allow even more control over how data is used. These improvements include:

  • All Siri requests will be processed on the iPhone by default
  • Mail Privacy Protection prevents senders from seeing whether an email was opened
  • Mail Privacy blocks IP addresses from senders (preventing location identification)
  • App Privacy Report shows an overview of how apps use the phone’s features

All Features Only Available on Newer Phones

Although iOS 15 is rolling out to most supported iPhones, only newer models will be able to fully realize these features.

Older models that have an A12 bionic chip for their processor will miss out on many features, because this chip isn’t powerful enough for several of these features. The iPhone XS, iPhone XR and all newer models have a processor that does support the full update. iPhone X and its predecessors will miss out on the most robust features, including several noted above.

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