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New Features to Look Out for in the All-New iOS 16

Jun 8, 2022 •

Apple recently debuted the all-new iOS 16 operating system, and there’s plenty about it to love. Here are some of the most exciting new features that Apple showed off.

Customizable Lock Screen

The lock screen isn’t a heavily used app, but it’s the screen that you see most often. Whenever you pick up your iPhone, the lock screen is there for at least a brief moment before you log on.

Apple has finally designed the lock screen so that it can be much more customized. The screen now supports widgets (including third-party apps), and you can further personalize the screen with different layout options. A multilayered effect uses several photos to give a sense of depth.

If you don’t always want the same lock screen, Focus Mode can now change the screen depending on what you’re doing.

Edit Messages After Sending

Ever send a message that you immediately regretted? Whether you noticed a typo or said too much, the inability to revoke messages has always been an issue with texting. That’s changing with iMessage on iOS 16.

Users can now un-send and/or edit recent messages that they send through the iMessage system. Undo those not-so-great comments, and save a lot of misunderstanding and tension. You can also mark threads as read or unread, depending on whether you want to pay attention to them.

Sync Movies With Friends

SharePlay’s movie-syncing feature is being expanded to include iMessage. The SharePlay feature itself debuted with iOS 15 last year, but it was limited only to FaceTime. Apple is quickly expanding it to both FaceTime and iMessage with iOS 16.

With SharePlay, you can sync movies and shows across multiple iOS devices. Being able to do so within Apple’s chat makes it easier to send comments while streaming together.

SharePlay will additionally improve support for games, as Apple continues to enhance multiplayer game experiences.

Share Photo Libraries With Family

The photo library has been a staple of Apple (and non-Apple) devices. It’s the easiest way to archive photos that you want, and then be able to find them when you’d like to see them again.

Apple’s photo library will no longer be limited to just your personal one. You can now set up a shared family library, where everyone can save photos that they think everyone will like. You’re still able to limit photos to your personal library, too.

Live Text In-Photo Translation

Merging text recognition and translation capabilities, iOS 16 has a new “Live Text” feature. You can choose what language you prefer in the feature’s settings, and then it’ll automatically translate a picture’s text into your chosen language.

In-photo translation isn’t so that you can read “Ici Lisa” in English (Mona Lisa) when visiting the Luv. Instead, the feature will be especially helpful when translating foreign airport signs or menus. Simply snap a photo, and instantly know what the sign/menu says.

Reimagined Home App

The Home app has been completely redone “from the ground up,“ according to Apple. The new screen layout shows all devices on a single screen, even if those devices are in different rooms. It also has a side-scrolling view of any HomeKit cameras you have set up.

Discontinuing Old iPhone Models

With the release of iOS 16, Apple is discontinuing support for several older iPhone models. Only iPhones 8 and more recent will receive the update, and some of these (e.g. iPhone 8, iPhone X) may not support all of the new update’s features.

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