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Product Update – Leaked iPhone 14 Information

Apr 20, 2022 •

The iPhone 14 has an expected release this coming September, but much is already known about the phone, thanks to some informative leaks. Here’s what the leaks have shown thus far.

New Max, No Mini

The iPhone 14 lineup will almost certainly feature four different models, per both a January price leak and an April front panel image leak. The lineup won’t just pattern previous years, however. The four models are expected to be:

  • iPhone 14 ($799)
  • iPhone 14 Max ($899)
  • iPhone 14 Pro ($1,099)
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max ($1,199)

The lineup doesn’t have an iPhone 14 Mini but instead lists an iPhone 14 Max. This makes the standard iPhone 14 the lowest-priced option. Thoughts on the 14 Max are split, with some suggesting that it’ll have an improved screen and others suggesting it’s a placeholder to increase the Pro models’ prices.

Taller Screens for Pro Models

The April front panel leak shows the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with a different design at the top. Instead of the notch, these models appear to have a hole punch + pill design for their cameras.

The new camera design allows for a slightly taller screen on the Pro models. The difference is small, but it allows for a little more space when scanning web pages or reading emails. It also changes the screen aspect ratio to 19.5:9, rather than 20:9.

Better iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Camera

The primary camera in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is improved with a 48MP wide sensor. This may be one reason for the design change on only these two models, and it’ll undoubtedly unlock some stellar photography and videography features.

The iPhone 14, and presumably iPhone 14 Max) will still have a 12MP wide sensor as its primary camera.

Different 14 and 14 Pro Chips

While it’s far from certain, some have suggested that Apple could use different chips in the non-Pro and Pro models.

If Apple did indeed do this, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max would likely be powered by the A15 chip. This is the same one used on the iPhone 13s, although it’s unclear whether the standard iPhone 13 chip or the iPhone 13 Pro chip would be used. Additionally, the chip could be rebranded as A15X or something similar.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will probably feature Apple’s new A16 SoC chip.

Few leaks have suggested Apple will use two different chips, but doing so makes sense given the current economic climate. Having two other chips would help Apple reduce costs and keep the non-Pro phones’ prices lower. It also might help mitigate potential supply chain constraints.

Codenames for iPhone 14 Models

While the codenames ultimately will have no impact on user experience, Apple’s codes for each of the models were leaked in April. The codenames are as follows:

  • D27 is the iPhone 14
  • D28 is the iPhone 14 Max
  • D73 is the iPhone 14 Pro
  • D74 is the iPhone 14 Pro Max

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