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Selling Your Old Android Phone? 8 Mistakes To Avoid

Mar 24, 2023 •

Are you planning to sell your old android phone? There are several mistakes that you have to avoid for smoother transactions.  From not researching your device’s value to as simple as not cleaning it, these mistakes may cost you disputes that you have to avoid at all costs. Take extra precautions when selling old Android phones and get the best offer out there. Continue reading to find out 8 mistakes that you have to avoid.

Not Backing Up your Data

If you forgot to back up your data, chances are, you would regret losing important files such as photos, contacts, and documents. To avoid this, upload your files to cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Forgetting to Format your Phone

The risk of not formatting your phone is very dangerous. Your personal information may be leaked or stolen, putting you in danger. Be sure to reset your phone and erase any information that is tied to you.

Not Researching the Market Value

If you don’t look up your device’s market value, you may be at risk of overpricing or underpricing. Do your research on how much your android phone is with before you sell it. Try to compare prices from marketplaces like Swappa and Gazelle.

The condition of your device can affect the price and you cannot hide this from your potential buyer. If you can remove scratches and dents, that would increase the price of your phone. However, you always have to be transparent about the condition of your device even if you can’t remove the scratches and dents.

Not Cleaning Your Phone

Dirt is all over your phone and not cleaning it leaves a bad impression on your potential buyers. Clean your phone using a soft cloth and a solution that is safe for electronics. By doing this, you may attract more buyers in the process.

Selling to an Untrusted Buyer

Don’t fall for scams or shady deals when selling your old android phone. Be sure to look up legitimate platforms and back out from potential scammers.

No Proper Package

If you fail to properly package your phone, it may be at risk of damage. Ensure to pack it securely by using bubble wrap or anything to cushion the device. This helps your phone from getting damaged during transit.

Accepting Installment Payments

You must avoid installment payments from potential buyers. Be sure to ask for full payment before shipping out your phone. Failing to avoid this mistake may get you scammed or get into disputes.

We all make mistakes when navigating our daily life but it’s important to learn from them. The mistakes in this article are avoidable and easy to follow. Avoiding those mistakes may save you from personal information theft or disputes with your buyer. Therefore, you must ensure that you avoid all these mistakes before you sell your old iPhone in the market. Want to know how selling your android phone online works? Head onto us at MLG Cash to learn more. Don’t forget to contact us for any inquiries.