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Should Your Repair Or Sell Your Phone?

Mar 28, 2023 •

As we progress in digital technology, our smartphones have become a huge part of our lives. Most times, we use it for communication and entertainment but we may even use it for our work. However, phones tend to get broken. Whether you dropped it or the battery has worn down, you may face the dilemma of either repairing it or just selling it right away. This blog post compiled the advantages and disadvantages of repairing and selling your phone. Repair or sell phone? Which one would benefit you the most?

Advantages of Repairing Your Phone

When our smartphones get broken, our first instinct is to try and save them. In the end, we would let a professional handle the repair, and here are the advantages of doing so:

  • Cost savings: The key advantage of phone repairs is cost savings. It’s much cheaper to repair your phone than to buy a new one. If your phone’s damage is minor, such as a malfunctioning speaker or a broken screen, repairing it is the most inexpensive option.
  • Environmentally friendly: Instead of disposing of your phone to another pile of electronic waste, phone repairs may extend its longevity.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Most phone repairs have a quick turnaround time and can be completed within a few hours. After that, you can have your phone back and run in no time.

Disadvantages of Repairing Your Phone

We cannot avoid the disadvantages that come with phone repairs. Here is a list of some disadvantages that you should know about:

  • Quality repair: You may be at risk of low-quality repair if you opt r a low-cost repair. Many issues may occur if the repair is not done right.
  • Voiding Warranty: Phone repairs may void the warranty. You won’t be able to rely on the manufacturer’s warranty to cover your phone repair if you let an external force do it instead.
  • Time-consuming: Depending on the repair shop you’re going for, keep in mind that some may take days or weeks to complete. Some may require you to pay extra for a quick turnaround time.

Advantages of Selling Your Phone

If you’ve reached the point where you want to sell your phone instead, some advantages come with it:

  • Cash Payment: The key highlight of selling your phone is receiving a cash payment.
  • No Maintenance Costs: When you sell your phone, you are no longer obligated for any maintenance or repairs. This may be helpful if you have an old phone model.
  • Upgrade to a Newer Model: Selling your phone may be the opportunity for you to upgrade to a newer model that has updated features and specifications.

Disadvantages of Selling Your Phone

Of course, there are also disadvantages when selling your phone:

  • Depreciation of Value: electronics depreciate quickly and you will receive less money for it.
  • Difficulty Finding a Buyer: Finding a buyer is difficult if you have an older model or if it’s slightly damaged.
  • No Backup Phone: If your new phone gets broken, this means you may no longer have a backup phone.

It all comes down to you as an individual and what your circumstances are. Whether you’re planning to sell or repair your phone, learning the advantages and disadvantages of both may help you in your decision-making. However, if you’re curious about how to sell your phone online, contact us at MLG Cash for more information.