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The Best Way to Trade In Your Old Phone for Cash

May 24, 2021 •

When not correctly disposed of, old cell phones and tablets can leach toxic chemicals into the ground, posing a significant environmental threat to the plants, animals, and people in surrounding areas. This threat is especially significant when you consider the 600 million+ unused mobile phones and tablets in the United States alone. 

If you have a phone or tablet in good condition lying around, MLG Cash makes it convenient to properly recycle your old devices and get paid for your efforts. 

Here’s why to sell your phone or tablet to us:

More Trade-In Locations Than Competitors

Convenience matters – and we understand that.  Services like ecoATM, Gazelle and SellCell don’t even compare.  We have over 5,000 locations around the United States that makes it quick and easy to turn your phone in and get cash within 10 minutes.  We’ve ensured this through a recent partnership with The UPS Store.  Learn more about our process below.  

Our Process To Recycle Phones is Easy

Properly recycling phones and tablets shouldn’t be overly cumbersome. Through our partnership with The UPS Store, you can properly recycle your phone in three simple steps. 

  1. First, check the acceptance and value of your phone online by completing our online questionnaire. You’ll immediately know whether we’re able to recycle the device and how much it’s worth by using our Price Your Device tool.
  2. After submitting your device details, we’ll send you a QR code to a working device that includes your offer. From there, you’ll need to clean the device you want to sell of all existing data. This means restoring to factory settings.
  3. After receiving your offer, visit any of The UPS Stores for a final inspection of your device. Once you officially accept the offer, cash will be wired directly to you via PayPal of MoneyGram or Walmart Cash Pickup. There are more than 5,000 locations across the country, so you’ll undoubtedly find a store that’s near you. 

Visit our How it Works Page for a more detailed breakdown of the process. 

Many Models of Phones and Tablets Accepted

We’re able to offer this convenient recycling service for an array of smartphones and tablets. Through our program, you can recycle Apple, Samsung and LG devices, and both recent models and older ones are eligible.

To find out if your specific phone can be recycled through our program, simply begin going through the simple Your Device process. The first two questions asked confirm whether your device is eligible, so you can instantly ensure that you’re able to take advantage of the program.

High Prices for Old Phones and Devices

When you complete the eligibility and pricing process, you’ll find that our prices are among the highest offered in the electronics recycling industry. We regularly pay 30 percent more than other cell phone buyback programs, ensuring that you get the maximum amount possible for your old or broken phone.

Moreover, you can trust that you’ll receive what’s quoted online, so long as the device’s condition is accurately described when you go through the pricing process. If you inspect your device well and accurate with your assessment, the amount quoted will instantly be in your Paypal or Moneygram account once you drop the phone off.

Sustainable Choice for Recycling Phones

From an environmental perspective, we make the extra effort to take care of the world that we all live in through a trade-in program that gives back.

Our efforts begin with electronics recycling, and we make sure that all phones and tablets we receive are appropriately recycled, and we plant a tree for every device that we receive. 

With 600 million+ devices in the country, we’re well on our way to starting a small forest!

Be Rewarded for Doing Environmental Good

Why not be monetarily rewarded for doing environmental good? If you have a phone that’s no longer needed, trade in the old phone for cash on the spot. Take the first step to sell your old phone by filling out the trade-in form on our site.