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The Dos & Don’ts Of Selling Your Used Phone

Apr 1, 2023 •

Selling your old phone can be the best way to get extra cash and get rid of an old device you barely or no longer use. Whether you want to upgrade or just simply earn cash, there are crucial dos and don’ts that you have to follow to avoid hassle during the process. From safety to listing preparation, this blog post highlights the things you need to do and not do when selling a used phone.

Research your Device’s Value

In order to attract potential buyers, you may need to do some digging on how much your device’s value is at the current moment. Check online marketplaces or simply use a phone valuation tool to estimate your phone’s value. Avoid overpricing and underpricing at all costs.

Clean Your Phone

Cleaning your phone is an advantage and it gives a good impression to your potential buyers. A clean phone looks better in photos that you use in your listings which indicates that it’s in great condition. Use a solution safe for electronic devices and wipe your phone to get rid of dirt and grime.

Take Clear and Detailed Photos

Remember to take photos of your phone under good lighting and from multiple angles. This is essential to include it in your listing. Do bear in mind that you also need to include scratches or dents to give transparency to your potential buyers. Include photos of the front, back, and sides of the phone.

Be Honest about Your Phone

To avoid any disputes with your buyer, be honest about the conditions of your device. Disclose information if you have scratches, dents, or other imperfections. This will save you from risks like getting banned on selling platforms.

Prepare to Negotiate

Potential buyers will surely engage in negotiation. They offer to buy your phone at a lower price. With this, be prepared to negotiate and consider offers that are close to the original price you’ve set.

Always do a Factory Reset

Remove all your sensitive, personal information by resetting your phone to its factory setting. This will ensure that your buyer will not be able to access your private data.

Never Ship without Tracking

Ensure that you ship your phone with a tracking number. This is done to keep track of your package and it arrives at your buyer’s location. Do this to avoid any loss or damage disputes with your buyer

Don’t Accept Installments

If your buyer offers to pay in installments, refuse it. It’s best that you receive full payment before shipping. Installments or partial payments may cause disputes or risk of you being scammed.

Don’t Ship without Proper Packaging

Your phone is delicate and must be kept in a sturdy box to prevent any damage during transit. This, again, will prevent any disputes with your buyer.

Selling your used phone can be a lengthy process but keeping in mind what to do and not do, will ensure a smoother transaction. Get the most profit by at least taking care of your used phone and being transparent with your potential buyer at all times. If you want to learn more about how selling a phone online works, visit us at MLG Cash, and don’t forget to contact us!