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Things To Consider When Buying A New Samsung Phone

Nov 29, 2021 •

Samsung Galaxy smartphones come in several different series, each of which offers its own advantages. If you’re buying a new Samsung phone, here are some considerations that’ll help guide you through the various Galaxy series.

Processor: High-End and Recent Models Are Best

The processor acts as your phone’s operational headquarters, managing all of the tasks that are running in both the foreground and the background. Because the processor is involved with everything that your phone runs, the processor’s capabilities directly impact how fast your phone is and how long it’ll last.

Thus, the processor should be prioritized above other features. Newer models tend to have better processors than older models, and the Galaxy S and Galaxy M have particularly notable processors.

Galaxy S phones boast Samsung’s fastest phone processors, and even a Galaxy S phone from last year will still be fast. The Galaxy M’s processors aren’t as fast, but they offer some of the best overall value. Few other phones match the Galaxy M’s price and processor speed.

Memory: Mid-Range is Usually Sufficient

Memory is the other major feature that affects usage. Your phone’s memory is measured in gigabytes, and the number of gigabytes determines how much stuff can be stored locally on the phone.

Photos and videos quickly take up memory, but cloud storage options have addressed this issue. Rather than keeping these locally, where they take up your phone’s memory, you can sign up for a cloud subscription. Cloud storage tends to be much cheaper than paying for a lot of local storage space, and you can adjust your cloud storage amount as your needs change.

You do need memory to run apps, and app memory usage will increase as technology advances. Getting the lowest amount of memory (e.g. 64 or 128 GB) might limit what apps you can download in the future, especially if you download a lot. A mid-range of 256 or 512 GB should be plenty of space for apps throughout the life of the phone, though. You likely don’t need the maximum amount available.

5G Capability: Possibly Useful

One of the newest features to consider is 5G connectivity. Generally only available on the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, 5G enables the phone to interact with a plethora of devices around it. Speakers, appliances, vehicles and other devices are starting to feature 5G capabilities, and more things will have it in the future.

Almost all phones will have 5G eventually, but its immediate use largely depends on whether you have other 5G devices. If you do, spring for a new Samsung Galaxy Z, S, Note, A or Z Fold3 that has the capability. If you don’t need 5G right now, consider some older phones that still are powerful but don’t come with this particular technology.

Camera: Personal Choice

Samsung Galaxy models stand out among Android phones for the quality of their cameras. Few other models (including even iPhones) can match the clarity, color and overall beauty of the best Galaxy cameras.

How good your camera should be is an entirely personal decision, and even today’s more affordable smartphones (certainly including all of Samsung’s models) have capable cameras.

If you want the absolute best camera, though, the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Z Flip3 are two models to consider. Both have advanced image stabilization thanks to Dual OIS, and the former has 8K video recording — that’s four times sharper than Full HD.

Screen Size: Use Dependent

Samsung offers several different screen sizes, and which one is right for you depends on how you use your phone. A larger screen is well-suited for work, games and streaming, while a smaller screen is more portable and convenient.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 has one of Samsung’s largest screens, measuring 6.7 inches diagonally. The Galaxy S series offers screens ranging from less than 4.5 inches to more than 6.5 inches.

Budget: Your Chosen Price

Finally, your preferred price point will have a major impact on what Samsung phones you can get. The newest and fanciest phones naturally have the highest price tags, and older models can be had for much less. Whether you have $100 or $1,000 to spend, however, there’s a Samsung phone for you.

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