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Welcome to MLG Cash

Mar 30, 2021 •

MLG Cash Launches Phone Trade-In Program that Pays Users More for Devices & Promotes Green Initiatives

Thanks for visiting our brand new website! We’re incredibly excited to share our mission with you. 

We started this business with one specific goal in mind; Create a phone trade-in program that pays users more for old devices and then recycles them properly. Our partnership with The UPS Store has positioned us to do just that. 

Here’s what you should know about our new website launch. 

What we do

We partnered with The UPS Store to provide a phone trade-in program that pays more for old mobile devices. The process is simple, takes place at participating The UPS Stores, and pays users cash on the spot via PayPal or Walmart Cash Pickup.   

Who we serve

To put it short, we serve people all over the world. We accept tons of different phone types and pay our clients up to 30% more than other trade-in programs on the market. Visit our Price Your Device page and search by IMEI number or brand to find out what your old device is worth. 

Why we do it

According to Statista, the number of smartphones sold to consumers in 2019 was around 1.52 billion units, a massive increase from 680 million units sold in 2012. And according to the EPA, less than 20% of old or unwanted devices are recycled each year. 

We want to reduce improper cell phone waste and drive the many benefits that come with proper disposal and recycling methods. 

How to get started

It’s easy! 

  1. Complete our short questionnaire, so we have all of your device information and account information. 
  2. Once your account is set up, we’ll send you a QR code via email or SMS. 
  3. At your convenience, travel to your nearest The UPS Store and show the attendant the code you received. 
  4. The attendant will inspect your phone, and you’ll receive a cash offer via text. 
  5. If you accept the offer, you’ll get wired cash immediately via PayPal!

Price your device now!

Find your Closest The UPS Store 

Use our online tool to find your closest The Ups Store

Have any questions? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.