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What To Do With Your Old and Unused Cellphones

Aug 1, 2021 •

Old and unused cellphones are largely considered waste. They’re clutter around the house but can’t go in standard garbage or recycling because of electronic components. If you have old phones lying around (and almost everyone does), those phones can be easily turned into cash.

How to Turn Your Old Phone Into Cash

The premise of how to turn old phones into cash is simple. Even though you might not use a phone anymore, many people may still be interested in the model. Some will pay for it, which creates the opportunity to sell the phone for money.

How much cash you can expect to get from a phone sale depends on the phone’s model and condition. You probably won’t get anything for that carphone from 1996. A smartphone that’s been released within the past 5-10 years could fetch a decent price, however. Even older smartphones and broken ones can become greenbacks in your wallet.

Sell Your Phone Via Trade-In, Online or Third Party

Once you decide to sell an old and unused cellphone, there are three main ways to do so:

  • Trade in with major store: Phone manufacturers, wireless carriers and electronics stores all accept cellphone trade-ins, and the process is quite easy. These major companies will often only provide credits — and not cash — though. They’re also likely to only accept a few models and offer below-market credit for the models they do accept.
  • Sell yourself online: Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and other online platforms make it possible to sell almost any legal item directly to another local person. This method requires a substantial amount of effort, however, and it’s fraught with potential issues. Be aware of scams, and be prepared for people to cancel meetups. You might eventually get a good price, but it’ll take time and you’re also subject to your local market demand.
  • Sell to third party: Third-party cellphone buyers, such as MLG Cash, provide direct payments in exchange for old and unused phones. These companies offer the most value, providing convenience and a good price.

The Benefits of Using MLG Cash

Among third-party options, we at MLG Cash pride ourselves on offering unsurpassed convenience and prices. We’re strongly committed to doing well by the environment, too.

Top Prices for Unused Cellphones

We pay some of the best prices for old and unused cellphones, regularly giving as much as 30 percent more than other third-party buyers. No matter what model you’re selling, that can mean a significant difference in how much you receive.

For example, consider an iPhone X with 256 GB of storage might fetch. This is a mid-range phone that was released 4 years ago, yet it’s still a solid option for people who want affordable performance. Assuming the phone is undamaged and works properly, we can pay $125 for the phone. Compared to a competitor who offers 30 percent less, that’s another $37.50 in your wallet (or account, see below).

Convenient Selling Solution

When it comes time to actually surrender your phone for payment, we’ve made the process as convenient as could be. Simply drop off your phone at a participating location, and we’ll instantly send the money after a confirming inspection.

We’ve partnered with The UPS Store chain to offer more than 5,000 dropoff locations nationwide. Find one that’s local (our site helps with that), and take the phone in when you’re able to. An employee of the store will inspect your device to confirm that it’s been accurately described.

The moment your phone is accepted, you’ll receive payment. We don’t actually pay cash, but you’ll immediately have payment via Paypal or Walmart Cash Pickup. Use it that day to pay off a bill, go out for dinner or otherwise splurge on yourself.

Benefits for the Environment

Because old and unused cellphones are so widely regarded as waste, we at MLG Cash have made a firm commitment to do what we can for the environment. That commitment has led to two initiatives.

First, we always responsibly recycle and dispose of all cellphone components. The parts that can be recycled are, and those that can’t be are disposed of appropriately. Your phone won’t end up in a place where it contaminates the ground with harmful chemicals or causes problems for local wildlife (or people).

Second, we plant a tree for every cellphone we buy. Our efforts have already planted a small forest, but we’d love to see that forest grow. Your cellphones could be a few more trees, and everyone together can make the earth much more green.

Find Out What Your Phone is Worth

If you have an old and unused cellphone, check our website to see how much it’s worth. The site has a simple 6-step questionnaire that’ll give you an exact amount, and it takes just a moment to complete. Whether you have one or many phones to get rid of, you can quickly see how much we’re able to give you.