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What To Know About the iPhone 14

Jan 11, 2022 •

The iPhone 14 won’t be released until later this year, most likely in September 2022. More will be known in the coming months as official statements and leaks come out, but an early leak from LeaksApplePro suggests what might be expected.

The January IPhone 14 Leak

The leak came as a January 9 tweet from LeaksApplePro, an unknown entity. The leak should be accepted with caution because LeaksApplePro is an unproven source, but this is some of the best potential information we have thus far.

The leak itself focused on price points for the new iPhone 14 series. According to the tweet, (presumably base versions of) the models will be priced as follows:

  • iPhone 14 will sell for $799
  • iPhone 14 Max will sell for $899
  • iPhone 14 Pro will sell for $1,099
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max will sell for $1,199

While a price list without specs might seem like only simple information, multiple deductions about the lineup can be made from these basic details.

No IPhone 14 Mini

The lowest-priced model appears to be the iPhone 14, which remains at the same $799 price as the iPhone 13 sold for. No iPhone 14 Mini is included on the list, indicating that such a model won’t be offered. Keeping the iPhone 14’s base model at the same price seems to further corroborate this deduction.

The lack of an iPhone 14 Mini is the firmest conclusion that can be drawn from this leak, for this has been previously indicated. For at least a while, the iPhone 13 Mini appears to be the last smaller version offered.

Same Base iPhone Price

The base iPhone price appears to remain the same as last year’s iPhone 13. This keeps the iPhone 14 affordable, although users who are hoping for an even cheaper mini may have to pay more than they want to.

The identical price also suggests that the iPhone 14’s specs might be largely similar to those of the iPhone 13, offering only moderate upgrades. Don’t expect anything on the scale of including 5G when it was brand new.

New iPhone Max

The most intriguing part of the leak is the inclusion of an iPhone 14 Max that will sell for $899. What exactly the phone will offer is unknown, and it might simply be the iPhone 14 with a larger screen. There are a couple of divergent narratives surrounding it, though.

The most promising narrative paints the iPhone 14 as a new model that combines affordability and functionality. Specifically, it may provide specs comparable to the base model but a screen that’s easier to use — something particularly important if you play games or work on your phone. It appears to offer whatever upgrades are included at a still quite affordable price.

The more critical posits that the iPhone 14 Max offers few additional features, and is primarily a placeholder to boost the price of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max’s price. Without the $899 14 Max, the 14 Pro’s $300 jump would seem especially high.

Which of these narratives holds true will depend largely on whether the 14 Max offers any substantial upgrades over the base model.

Prices Increase for Pro and Pro Max

Both the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max come with $100 price increases compared to their iPhone 13 counterparts. The former will start at $1,099 and the latter at $1,199.

Apple’s explanation for the increase in these models’ prices is higher “production costs,” but it’s interesting that the price increase applies only to the highest two models.

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